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NASA sought advice from priests on impact of alien contact

By T.K. Randall
January 2, 2022 · Comment icon 27 comments

What if we are not alone in the universe ? Image Credit: CC BY 4.0 ESO / S. Brunier
The space agency reportedly enlisted religious experts to help predict how the world would react.
Whether or not we are alone in the universe remains one of the most important philosophical conundrums of the modern age, but while this question is often the subject of heated debate, relatively little thought is given to the matter of precisely how humanity would react in the event that indisputable evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization were to present itself.

Would it revolutionize our view of the universe and our place within it, or have we been so exposed to the idea thanks to science-fiction movies and TV shows that it wouldn't have much of an impact ?

According to recent reports, NASA has been keen to find an answer to this question and has even taken to hiring priests and other religious experts to determine how various religions across the world would react in the event that such a discovery were to be made.
Some religions insist that mankind is alone in its dominance of all creation - so the discovery that we are simply one civilization in a wide-ranging cosmic community could change everything.

Princeton University's Center for Theological Inquiry (CTI) in New Jersey was previously awarded a $1.1 million grant to investigate this and other issues concerning such a revelation.

"Non-religious people... seem to overestimate the challenges that religious people... would experience if faced with evidence of alien life," said Rev Dr Andrew Davidson, a British priest who is one of 24 experts consulted by NASA on the topic.

Given the vastness of the cosmos and the near-impossibility that the Earth is the only place in the universe to host life, it's a challenge that, sooner or later, we may all have to face.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #18 Posted by Abramelin 2 years ago
That this entity actually creates something in front of our eyes, recording cameras present? Raise the dead? And I mean REALLY dead? Or give some war veteran his lost arm or leg back? Make a tornado/taifun disappear while it's at its peak? I can think of a lot more.    
Comment icon #19 Posted by Abramelin 2 years ago
It's on video, so it must be true. sigh
Comment icon #20 Posted by toast 2 years ago
The last couple of generations have not been conditioned but they build their worldview based on real facts and not on a 2k years old fairy tale (RCC) that was designed for the reason of oppression and exploitation. Thus, an acceptance of the possibility of advanced (and/or plain stupid) alien life forms out there is based on given probabilities and beyond. Why do you call them sceptic/cynic? Yes, because we are doing advanced tech and its likely that there is much more advanced tech out there. There is no need for such thing as an omniscient intelligence, its a dream only. Ok, then lets wait ... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by csspwns 2 years ago
Easy, biblical miracles. They happened all the time back in the old days so what's stopping them or events of similar magnitudes from happening now? Don't tell me something as powerful and omnipotent as "God" has been stopped by the advent of video recording technology and critical thinking!
Comment icon #22 Posted by csspwns 2 years ago
Be honest with yourself. Are you conforming to the ure or making the ure conform to your views on life? That is, do you prefer certain interpretations of the ure over others if it's in your benefit? The often vague wording, context, translation issues, etc, provided in ure as well as the inability for legitimate verification makes for a lot of fun when it comes to deciding on the meaning of the content.  You sound like you're projecting. Is fear of negative consequences one of the reasons why you worship/believe in "God?" If an entitity such as you describe were to show up, they would be able... [More]
Comment icon #23 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
^ yep And many a knee stays bent with head down and eye blind to that someone.
Comment icon #24 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
Intriguing, Because believers say "God" could do anything all that included but but but sci-fi has shown me aliens as in not "God" of christian etc beliefs could also do all that and more. So depending on their technology aliens could very well be "God" and von weird hair spray tan guy was right.
Comment icon #25 Posted by CryptoGirl 2 years ago
It's a news announcement but ...its left
Comment icon #26 Posted by Abramelin 2 years ago
No, I meant thìs video.
Comment icon #27 Posted by CryptoGirl 2 years ago
LOL this is the video with the news coverage but it also has other things you have to go through it LOL

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