Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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'Pale humanoid' captured on trail camera in Leesburg

January 3, 2022 | Comment icon 18 comments

Who or what is this ? (See video below) Image Credit: YouTube / Lon Strickler
A Leesburg resident recently recorded a very strange clip of something moving outside his home.
The bizarre footage, which was originally sent to Lon Strickler over on the 'Phantoms and Monsters' blog, shows around one second of an anomalous figure moving very close to the camera.

The individual who recorded it, whose name has not been disclosed, had set up two trail cameras in his back yard to pick up cats, raccoons, possums and other visiting wildlife.

On this particular occasion, however, one of the cameras was triggered by something that he could not explain.

"The clip starts instantly from the beginning and that coupled by the fact that I have 3, 30-second motion sensor lights on the ground and one hanging from a tree, it makes no sense that what I am seeing could move that fast without more on film," he wrote.
"In the 2 and one half seconds you see what looks like clothing and an arm, but the arm is way too thin and no fingers or hand is seen."

"It threw me off as I have both cameras set for 16 seconds of video. Whatever this is seems to be swinging a very thin arm while running to the side of the camera."

"You need to pause it or loop it because of such a short length. Really damn weird."

You can check out the footage for yourself below (loop the first second).

Who or what could this be ?

Source: Phantoms and Monsters | Comments (18)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by moonman 15 days ago
That's someone walking by with a strap hanging out of their pants. Very obvious, you can even see the seam of the pants. Who gets "mysterious pale humanoid" out of THAT? Someone is desperate for attention I guess.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Tom1200 15 days ago
(Sniggering)†- you said 'pants'!†† It's time for the Papasmurf-o-meter of Truthy Stuff: Strange: 33.33.33% Very strange: 90.005% Not very strange: 9.995% Dr Strange: 12.3% Dr Strangelove: less than above, but more than you might think Glowing weird alienish humanoid creature thing: fH.p£% Kill it: 250% †
Comment icon #11 Posted by Saxman 15 days ago
Really, definately a shirt blowing in the wind on a clothes line, lol
Comment icon #12 Posted by Gumball 15 days ago
Hope this isn't a sign of the year to come.
Comment icon #13 Posted by ercbreeze 13 days ago
You can see the cloths line to the left!††
Comment icon #14 Posted by qxcontinuum 11 days ago
It's a horse shlong ...
Comment icon #15 Posted by fred_mc 11 days ago
It doesn't look like a humanoid to me, to me it looks like the behind of an animal with its tail swinging around.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Trelane 10 days ago
I see a lot of those "pale humanoids" stumbling around late at night when I'm getting home late from work. Stay off of meth kids.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Nnicolette 9 days ago
How do we get 'pale humanoid' out of seeing a cow butt?
Comment icon #18 Posted by brokenbutcher2016 5 days ago
This humanoid article devalues the entire sight.. fun to make fun of, but really an embarrassment..lanyard hanging from the back pocket of someone in Jeans..95% sure..lol

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