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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Why are TV investigators having such a hard time 'Finding Bigfoot' ?

By T.K. Randall
March 3, 2022 · Comment icon 267 comments

Is Bigfoot out there ? Image Credit: Steve Bexter / Pexels
Given the number of teams out there who are searching for the creature, why haven't they found it yet ?
According to a growing number of enthusiasts, investigators and armchair biologists, North America is home to a population of unidentified, bipedal, ape-like creatures that are very good at hiding.

The problem is, however, that despite extensive efforts by numerous television crews, nobody has ever been able to find any conclusive evidence to suggest that Bigfoot actually exists.

In a recent interview with cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, the Sun Journal's Kathryn Skelton asked why, after decades of searching, this continues to be the case.

"By the time you get out your cellphone and turn it on, the Bigfoot has already left," said Coleman who has spent years investigating the phenomenon and even has his own cryptozoology museum.

"I think all of the tree knocking, howling, finding nests, they're all really getting distracted."
Intriguingly, Coleman believes that the pheromones of male investigators could be part of the reason that Bigfoot has been unwilling to show itself.

"I have a feeling that there's something in the pheromones in males that are driving Bigfoot from them, and most of the success that's occurring is with small groups of women," he said.

"The way that Bigfoot will be discovered is in one small area of the Pacific Northwest when a group of women go out and just stay in the woods for six months."

Any volunteers... ?

Source: Sun Journal | Comments (267)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #258 Posted by Festina 1 month ago
The bigger question is Why do people keep prattling on about this non story? There are so many more interesting questions to ask like....Is Yahweh a liar? And if so, then what are they going to do about it?†
Comment icon #259 Posted by chiron613 29 days ago
The simplest answer is that there is no such thing as Bigfoot. Yes, there could always be a grand conspiracy to cover up the truth.† That is the claim made by every person who wants to believe in something for which there is no evidence.† They can always claim "the evidence has been hidden."† However, lack of evidence isn't evidence of a coverup.† It might simply mean there's no such thing. And you've got to ask - why would there be any sort of coverup?
Comment icon #260 Posted by chiron613 29 days ago
The fact that there are exceptions where witness reports were reliable, doesn't invalidate the claim that eyewitnesses are unreliable.† It is mostly true.
Comment icon #261 Posted by chiron613 29 days ago
Seems to me that the question boils down to, "why can't we find something that many people don't believe exists?" The simplest answer - the one suggested by Occam's Razor - is that they don't, in fact, exist.† This ends the controversy. It is always possible to imagine reasons why Bigfoot (or any phenomenon) doesn't appear.† Pheromones from men.† OK, so only send women into the bush.† But maybe the women weren't Native Americans, and Bigfoot could sense this.† So only send in† Native American women.† Oh, but they're from the wrong tribe.† It has to be a local tribe.† So send in Native American... [More]
Comment icon #262 Posted by chiron613 29 days ago
Full body wax musta hurt like hell...
Comment icon #263 Posted by Abramelin 29 days ago
And after that BF will resemble Nikolay Valuev, a 7 feet tall Russian heavy weight (ex-)boxer:
Comment icon #264 Posted by chiron613 29 days ago
Dude looks like he's been chasing parked cars...† But you've made a believer out of me.† Bigfoot definitely exists.
Comment icon #265 Posted by Piney 28 days ago
My original purpose for joining here was I was a Bigfoot Hunter. @psyche101†and I use to compare notes. The only thing I accomplished was debunk every Bigfoot/ Jersey Devil sighting I chased down while he debunked all the Yowie sightings he ran down.†
Comment icon #266 Posted by psyche101 28 days ago
I remember too well. Fun days. Always enjoyed a conversation with you mate, I'd buy you a beer and day. I used to come here to research cryptids too, now more for the friends I've made.† Can't say we didn't try. But I'm good like that, people are always telling me that I'm trying.†
Comment icon #267 Posted by Alchopwn 27 days ago
A buddy and I have been floating around the Hockamock Swamp (Bridgewater Triangle) recently with my infrasound detector.† While I haven't yet spotted a Bigfoot, I have detected a surprising amount of infrasound.† No doubt a cougar was sizing us up (happens every time I hit a bar too).

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