Friday, March 31, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

Hundreds report seeing V-shaped UFO over Ireland

By T.K. Randall
March 3, 2022 · Comment icon 13 comments

The UFO was sighted by numerous witnesses over a large area. Image Credit:
The mysterious object was spotted on the night of March 2nd by residents of the Sligo, Donegal and Leitrim areas.
In what can only be described as a mass UFO sighting, witnesses from several parts of the country's northwestern region reported seeing a silent V-shaped object with rows of lights on its underside.

"I was out having a cigarette out the back and I looked up and I see a thing, initially I thought it was a flock of geese and I realised very quickly it wasn't," said singer Tabby Callaghan.

"I would describe it as an upside down W, but except it looked like it was made of light. It was much lower even than a domestic flight."

"It went over our house, it was very slow, it wasn't fast and here's the creepy thing - it was totally silent as it went over the house. It was mind blowing to be honest with you."

"If it was military, it was very, very high end. Like I say, it was huge, it was low and it was silent."
The same thing was observed by several other people as well.

"I saw a massive UFO over the house, I know that sounds crazy but my wife saw it too," said one Sligo resident. "It looked like a stealth bomber but it was kind of translucent."

There were also reports from residents of Manorhamilton and Bundoran.

All the sightings referenced a low-flying V-shaped object with bright lights.

As things stand, however, no definitive explanation has been forthcoming.

Source: Irish Mirror | Comments (13)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Gumball 1 year ago
There is a wee drone that flies about round here and for weeks I've told my partner about it but everytime I see it and I get in and get her or the kids to come look it's gone. Shes still not seen it. I imagine it's the same if you see something like this. By the time your mind catches up or you go get your phone it's gone.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Timothy 1 year ago
Hundreds of reports and no footage? Slow and low/silent craft? Sounds like drones or a blimp.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Timothy 1 year ago
These days it’s not really an excuse that people take too long to get their phone/take a photo. For a fast and fleeting event, sure. But for an apparently widespread event, nope. Unless it’s just an Irish thing?
Comment icon #7 Posted by Dejarma 1 year ago
imo it's probably the individual who wrote the article highly exaggerating to make it sound good= the usual boring crap! 
Comment icon #8 Posted by ercbreeze 1 year ago
Just the US Air force sending stealth nuclear bombers to Europe due to Putin's threats.  No alien UAP here.
Comment icon #9 Posted by qxcontinuum 1 year ago
Ufo's with navigation lights 
Comment icon #10 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 1 year ago
Something was there, that seems certain. And no way a military craft will fly low over civilian population. I'd love to know what color the lights on the craft were.      
Comment icon #11 Posted by Timothy 1 year ago
Hopefully someone took photos.
Comment icon #12 Posted by preacherman76 1 year ago
I to find it odd there isn’t a pic of this one with so many witnesses. At the same time I’m not gonna call anyone a liar.    I hope it keeps making an appearance so someone can get it on film. 
Comment icon #13 Posted by the13bats 1 year ago
More total rubbish for the true believers and BSers to bleet and bray about. I do find it rather hilarious when a person thinks they can state what some unknown or made up whatever will or wont do. Like i said, rubbish.

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