Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery creature discovered on a street in Australia

By T.K. Randall
March 4, 2022 · Comment icon 21 comments

What exactly is this thing ? Image Credit: Instagram / _harryhayes
A jogger recently came across this indescribable creature and nobody seems to know what on Earth it is.
Harry Hayes had been running through the Marrickville suburb of Sydney on Monday morning when he came across this 'blob' lying on the pavement in water that had pooled from the recent rain.

Intrigued by the discovery and keen to find out what it was, he grabbed some pictures and video footage and uploaded them onto social media to see if anyone else could identify the creature.

"My gut says it's some kind of embryo but with Covid, World War III, and the floods [going on right now] this could very well be an alien," he said.
The post quickly went viral, with news outlets and social media groups picking up on the story.

As things stand, however, nobody seems to know what on Earth the creature actually is.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #12 Posted by stereologist 9 months ago
The issue is not whether this is an embryo and probably not even the phylum, but the family. It looks to me like it has a backbone and forelimb. There is a head with an eye. The large pouch is the egg sac on which the embryo is living. It even appears to have a forelimb. †
Comment icon #13 Posted by Kenemet 9 months ago
Not a human embryo.† Mollusk of some sort.
Comment icon #14 Posted by the13bats 9 months ago
It didnt stump any biologists worth a xxxx because in this day and age we have a wonderful tool called DNA testing, This is a tabloid tale not science.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Resume 9 months ago
Non-sequitors for $500 Alex.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Resume 9 months ago
Non-sequiturs . . .† Geez.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Kleng 9 months ago
Can't imagine finding something like this and not taking it home just to see what happens...
Comment icon #18 Posted by Resume 9 months ago
Sure, just what the face-huggers want you to do.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Raptor Witness 9 months ago
I swear, I think someone nuked my alien Trump baby hybrid†hypothesis.
Comment icon #20 Posted by LadyPhoenix 7 months ago
He couldn't pick it up in a cup or something, and take it in to some marine place, like an aquarium?† Overall, looks sort of squid-like.† Cool find, but not likely an "alien".
Comment icon #21 Posted by DieChecker 6 months ago
Seems to me pretty obvious its some kind of bivalve mollusk with the shells removed. The tentacle is the foot it uses to move about. Looks muscular, so probably a sand digging kind. Maybe a kind of clam.†

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