Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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'Cousin Itt' shows up in doorbell camera footage

May 28, 2022 | Comment icon 17 comments

What exactly is this thing ? Image Credit: YouTube / Renee Schiavone
A video clip recorded in a residential back yard shows a strange pint-sized creature covered in hair waddling around.
Captured outside the family home of Patch managing editor Renee Schiavone in Reche Canyon, Southern California, the intriguing nocturnal footage shows some sort of strange hairy animal wandering around in the garden on two legs.

The clip has since generated debate online, with some likening the mysterious visitor to Cousin Itt - the hair-covered, gibberish-spewing relative of The Addams Family.
But could a fictional retro television character really be a viable explanation for such a sighting ?

Most likely, the peculiar visitor is actually a skunk doing a handstand - a behavior that usually precedes a customary spray of foul stink.

Whatever the case, however, the clip is certainly intriguing.

Source: MSN.com | Comments (17)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Davros of Skaro 1 month ago
Alf. Oh wait. I did not watch it yet.
Comment icon #9 Posted by jethrofloyd 1 month ago
Comment icon #10 Posted by brokenbutcher2016 1 month ago
That thing looks so CGI, it stands out, to clear and bright while the rest is fuzzy. it has that "I am a fake overlay" outline to it.. lame.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 1 month ago
Good observation. I re-watched with skunk in mind and yep that's what it is.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Autochthon1990 1 month ago
So Donald trumps hairpiece finally made a break for it...
Comment icon #13 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 1 month ago
staged much...? Probably one of her kids.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Nnicolette 1 month ago
What is the mystery the title says its a skunk
Comment icon #15 Posted by Hammerclaw 1 month ago
Cousin It.
Comment icon #16 Posted by PinkLemonade 1 month ago
I was going to say its probably just a child with a wig on but the video says
Comment icon #17 Posted by Timothy 1 month ago
Firstly, it doesn’t look CGI. Secondly, the video title and article says that it’s a spotted skunk. They’ve also seen it on another of their cameras since. ‘Looking at the camera every morning is a ritual now. And with a couple of cameras on their 2-acre property, there’s a lot to see. One of the cameras showed our new friend the spotted skunk just strolling around like it owned the place, doing its little handstands to everyone’s delight because it did so without the olfactory affront.’ You should start watching VFX artists react by Corridor Crew to up your CGI spotting game, because it reall... [More]

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