Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Study suggests that there are four malicious alien civilizations in our galaxy

May 27, 2022 | Comment icon 58 comments

Are there any genuinely malicious aliens out there ? Image Credit: Henrique Alvim Correa
A new study has attempted to estimate how many intelligent alien civilizations pose a threat.
We have sent many signals out into the cosmos over the years, including some designed specifically to inform intelligent extraterrestrials that we exist and where to find us.

Critics, including the late Stephen Hawking, have argued that doing this could have disastrous consequences if we should happen to gain the attention of a particularly unpleasant alien race.

But just how many malicious extraterrestrial civilizations could be out there ?

In a new study, PhD student Alberto Caballero attempts to answer this question based on an analysis of 'invasions' on Earth (countries invading other countries), data regarding the estimated number of extrasolar planets in the Milky Way and a certain degree of guesswork.

The answer he ultimately came up with was 4.
He also determined that the chances of us being attacked and wiped out by such a civilization were extremely low - lower even than the chance of being wiped out by an asteroid strike.

"The probability of extraterrestrial invasion by a civilization whose planet we message is, therefore, around two orders of magnitude lower than the probability of a planet-killer asteroid collision," he wrote.

Of course, as things stand, we know nothing about any extraterrestrial civilizations that might be out there and basing their actions on what we know of human society is likely a futile exercise.

"We don't know the mind of extraterrestrials," Caballero told Motherboard.

"An extraterrestrial civilization may have a brain with a different chemical composition and they might not have our empathy or they might have more psychopathological behaviors."

"I found this way to do [the study], which has limitations, because we don't know [what alien minds] would be like."

Source: Motherboard | Comments (58)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #49 Posted by openozy 21 days ago
I love what we've done to our planet .
Comment icon #50 Posted by Xetan 21 days ago
Wlell, it would at least mean that they came close to destroying their original homeworld. If they're still kicking, they either saved it or ditched it. Both are possible. Neither are possible through means which we would consider humane, however.
Comment icon #51 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 20 days ago
Daleks and Cybermen are local to this galaxy, so that’s two. Sontarans are extra-galactic, so are Rutans. Raxacoricophaitpitorians are more amoral than malicious. Fendahl are extinct. The Dominators are extra-galactic to Dulkis, but that doesn’t mean anything, Dulkis may be extra-galactic to us. The War Lords are from our galaxy.  So that’s three.  Ice Warriors, Draconians, Silurians are more “human like” in their spread of morality.  Ogrons are just hired muscle. Usurians are only as malicious as your tax accountant. 
Comment icon #52 Posted by openozy 20 days ago
It's hard to believe any other civilization would be as destructive as ours but who knows.
Comment icon #53 Posted by Xetan 20 days ago
That "destruction" is the industrialization of a prolific species. Less destructive civilizations would never develop technology more advanced than the catapult.
Comment icon #54 Posted by Gomar 20 days ago
However, to the Aborigines the Europeans were in fact "aliens", were they not?  To us, some unforeseen force, will eventually make contact with Earth.
Comment icon #55 Posted by NotAlien7 6 days ago
No intelligent person would ever attempt a study like this before even finding solid evidence of one single civilization besides ours. There is no way a study like this could be legitimate.
Comment icon #56 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 6 days ago
That “destruction” you dismiss as a byproduct is a necessary step, not the consistent consequence. If we had the balls to accept a short-term discomfort we could go full renewable for power generation and then focus on waste reduction. 
Comment icon #57 Posted by Xetan 6 days ago
I'm not dismissing anything. Even more: I didn't call it a byproduct, I called it the same process. Industrialization is resource consumption is destruction. Life is rot. If you think I'm against environmental protections, you're reading intent into my words which is simply not there.
Comment icon #58 Posted by badeskov 5 days ago
Oh no, six is too much. There are five. (My left hand is busy with the cat, so I could only count to five visually using my right hand).  Cheers, Badeskov

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