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Aliens could be sending quantum messages, study claims

By T.K. Randall
July 6, 2022 · Comment icon 53 comments

It's unlikely that aliens would be using radio signals to communicate. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 MjolnirPants
Researchers have suggested that we may be listening out for the wrong type of extraterrestrial communications.
For decades, efforts to scour the heavens for signs of intelligent alien communications have focused on picking up traditional radio signals, however it is actually far more likely that an extraterrestrial civilization sufficiently advanced to be capable of traveling between the stars will have developed methods of communication that are far more practical over such enormous distances.

Even communicating with our own space probes in orbit around planets within our own solar system can be a long-winded process, with messages taking minutes or even hours to travel back and forth.

Sending a message between two solar systems would be exponentially worse, with even a single message taking years or decades to reach the closest star systems.

One theoretical way around this would be to find a way to send messages via quantum entanglement (a phenomenon in which the state of one particle in an entangled pair can be changed instantly over a distance.)
While such communication has yet to be achieved on Earth (physicists question whether it is actually possible to send any data at all via quantum entanglement), it is not unreasonable to imagine that an alien civilization might have been able to master it (or perhaps some variation of it).

Another possibility would be to use quantum particles to send information (a form of quantum communication that is currently subject to experimentation on Earth in the hope of creating ultra-secure networks).

According to a new study, quantum communication has the potential to work over vast distances through space - not only across solar systems, but also across galaxies.

If this is true, then if we actually had a way to pick up such communications, we could potentially be privy to an entire intergalactic network of messages from all corners of the universe.

Source: Science News | Comments (53)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #44 Posted by Timothy 2 years ago
Just wondering if you are suggesting that there is communication method more basic or fundamental than using something like 1 and 0?
Comment icon #45 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
You didn't understand the question. You're using words. You think aliens are going to already speak English???  And even worse, "keV" is a completely arbitrary unit invented by humans and will have absolutely no meaning to an alien. So you need to use numbers. Here they are: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9. Well, it's even worse than that. That's a completely arbitrary base ten system but go ahead and use it since it will at least give you a chance!
Comment icon #46 Posted by psyche101 2 years ago
I gave you numbers numpty. I understand the question. It seems you don't understand the answer. 1.007825 Is not a random number. If we get that sequence we know it's an intelligent transmission detailing the isotopic ratio of hydrogen, which says the sender is intelligent and has technology. The measurement is superfluous. What we call keV they might call party pies. The values will be constant though  As per wow      Is it just me, or are you an ass to everyone?
Comment icon #47 Posted by Abramelin 2 years ago
Not that I know of. But we have no idea how aliens would communicate.
Comment icon #48 Posted by Alchopwn 2 years ago
If one or more intelligent species is out there, they may well know more about physics than we do.  If they are behind UAPs, then they likely know a lot more about physics than us.  You'd think their preferred method of communication would rely on something FTL, if we assume that they can travel FTL imo.
Comment icon #49 Posted by psyche101 2 years ago
Primitive would be the way to start though.  It won't be laughable to use binary. It's how we communicate math to a computer. It doesn't understand words or numbers but it can process a 1 and a 0.  It wouldn't be for communication. That would come later. More like a beacon. We have to find someone or they have to find us. Sending a digital signature shows up against background radiation. It's what SETI has been looking for for years now.  Communication would be after that. 
Comment icon #50 Posted by Manwon Lender 2 years ago
That’s ok it is fine , it may be a challenge if your trying to convince others of your beliefs! However, I will never try to do that, it’s not worth my time or my energy to attempt it. I  pass along bits of accurate information that supports my beliefs if anyone listen’s or not I don’t are, care if some asks a serious question, I am more than happy to provide a equally serious response!    Take Astro.,
Comment icon #51 Posted by Emma_Acid 2 years ago
This article is, to quote Pauli, so wrong it's not even wrong. Completely faulty definitions of what quantum communication and quantum teleportation are. No wonder the public in general has such a poor grasp of science if this is the sort of shoddy job science communicators do.
Comment icon #52 Posted by stereologist 2 years ago
There is a problem called the No-communication theorem which in most cases precludes the communication of information at faster than light speeds using quantum entanglement.  
Comment icon #53 Posted by Abramelin 2 years ago
It's all still based on what *we* found out. Maybe aliens know of some other kind of 'primitive' form of communication we have no idea of. The problem here is, that we assume aliens must have followed the same line of technological development as we humans did. Not until we finally meet aliens will we know if that is true. And we haven't yet.

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