Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Science & Technology

Consciousness may persist after death, study suggests

August 1, 2022 | Comment icon 7 comments

How long does it take for us to fully die ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 erpete
Researchers now believe that consciousness may persist for up to 20 seconds after a person has clinically died.
Time of death is usually recorded as the moment a person's heart has stopped, however research into near-death experiences has indicated that this may not be the end of the story for many people.

Previous studies have suggested that a surge of electricity enters the brain just prior to death and research done on animals has indicated that the brain may enter a hyper-alert state at that time.

Some people report experiencing all manner of things, including the typical 'tunnel of light', the presence of lost loves ones, psychedelic visions and other strange phenomena - all while clinically 'deceased' - suggesting that there is something more going on than meets the eye.

Those who survive such near-death experiences often recount vivid memories of them.
It would certainly seem as though consciousness persists even when the heart has stopped beating.

Dr. Sam Parnia of the NYU Langone School of Medicine, and colleagues, have been investigating exactly how the brain dies while taking into account stories of near-death experiences.

Consciousness, he believes, can continue for up to 20 seconds after the heart has stopped.

Even after that, however, the brain can potentially take hours to completely shut down.

"Many times, those who have had such experiences talk about floating around the room and being aware of the medical team working on their body," he told Live Science.

"They'll describe watching doctors and nurses working and they'll describe having awareness of full conversations, of visual things that were going on, that would otherwise not be known to them."

Source: Big Think | Comments (7)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by jethrofloyd 10 days ago
Just enough time for a 'soul' to leave the body  
Comment icon #2 Posted by Dreamer screamer 10 days ago
"Researchers NOW believe."     So when is the next NOW arriving to believe there is life after death???    All you need to know is Eban Alexander.  The best neurosurgeon in the western world who died and had an experience that changed his mind on life after death and what consciousness is.    But I guess the skeptics all have to go through that experience for them to believe it.  I guess it is coming when they die, then won't be able to tell anyone on this plane they were wrong. 
Comment icon #3 Posted by Nnicolette 10 days ago
Old news. But yeah clinically dying and leaving your body and seeing the tunnel of light and your body being attemptedly dumped and purposefully getting back into it definitely does make one feel pretty confident that they exist with or without of thier body. You can experience the same thing with DMT or even during sleep or meditation. I did it on accident once when sleeping. Seemed to be visiting my dad hundreds of miles away when he was sleeping. Just floating around hanging out in his house at night. It ended with sleep paralysis which was terrifying and i strongly suspect has to do with a... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by Susanc241 10 days ago
I don?t see why this is a surprise. It takes several minutes for the brain cells to die off due to lack of oxygen so there is bound to be some brain activity for a while after the heart stops beating (when the death doesn?t involve a serious head injury). I would imagine there is even some residual awareness immediately after being beheaded, gruesome as that sounds. Brain cells don?t die the second the heart stops beating or we wouldn?t be able to successfully resuscitate anyone. That?s what I think, anyway.
Comment icon #5 Posted by pbarosso 10 days ago
ok skeptics let me tell you a true story. when i was 18 my friend and i used to hypnotize eachother and our friends. he told me that he used to self hypnotize himself in some fashion and make himself go on a trip (like remote viewing) so he hypnotized me and made me go to my parents house by flying through the air from one town to the other and fly down into the room where my sister was sleeping. he had me shake her bed to wake her up and i remember doing it like it was a dream. then he made me come back to my body and float above it and then go back in it. the next morning we were going to wo... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by pbarosso 9 days ago
what the heck happened i cant even edit it.  
Comment icon #7 Posted by joc 8 days ago
If Consciousness exists after death...why does it need a body at all...ever?   mmmm hmmmm

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