Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Scientist proposes conventional explanation for sightings of Bigfoot

By T.K. Randall
February 5, 2023 · Comment icon 89 comments

Does Bigfoot really exist ? Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Oregon Department of Transportation
Data scientist Floe Foxon has put forward a theory that could explain the majority of alleged Bigfoot sightings.
When it comes to cryptozoological mysteries, only the Loch Ness Monster is more widely known and debated than Bigfoot - a tall, bipedal hominid said to roam the forests of North America.

But is there really an unknown species of primate wandering around - somehow undiscovered by science against all odds - or is there some other explanation for what people have been seeing ?

According to data scientist Floe Foxon, the answer is obvious - reports of Bigfoot can simply be attributed to sightings of black bears walking around on their hind legs.

It's an idea that has been floated around before and while some witnesses remain adamant that what they saw was no bear, it is likely to explain at least some Bigfoot encounters.

Black bears normally walk around on all-fours, but they can sometimes walk upright on two legs - creating the impression of a tall bipedal creature wandering through the trees.
If you only caught a glimpse of one through the foliage, you might very well think it was Bigfoot.

That said, many witnesses are experienced hunters who would likely be able to tell the difference between a black bear and a large bipedal hominid creature.

Foxon's data links high numbers of Bigfoot sightings with large black bear populations in certain states, although this trend does not always hold up as, for example, some states see a large number of Bigfoot sightings despite having very little in the way of a bear population.

"Notably, Sasquatch sightings have been reported in states with no known breeding black bear populations," he said.

"Although this may be interpreted as evidence for the existence of an unknown hominid in North America, it is also explained by misidentification of other animals (including humans), among other possibilities."

Source: Science Alert | Comments (89)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #80 Posted by papageorge1 3 months ago
I call cloaking more probable than Gary Oldham.
Comment icon #81 Posted by openozy 3 months ago
But you have to admit Nicki Minaj's butt seems to have a mind of its own also.
Comment icon #82 Posted by Gilbert Syndrome 3 months ago
Gary Oldman actually exists, though, so he's definitely more probable. 
Comment icon #83 Posted by Gilbert Syndrome 3 months ago
It's the kind of mind that I'd like to get to know on a personal level. 
Comment icon #84 Posted by Trelane 3 months ago
Ok, since some want to say this mythical beast is real I have a few questions. Maybe someone will attempt to answer them this time and engage in redirection of the conversation. What is the viable population size for breeding? It likely would have to be in the the tens of thousands to account for the widespread (geography wise) alleged sightings.  Do they maintain a social structure where they live in groups? If so how large? If the viable breeding population size is a lower number, does that mean the creature, as described, is migratory? If so, how is it that such a large animal  has not been... [More]
Comment icon #85 Posted by openozy 3 months ago
If they are anything like the people in my current town I'd say 2.   Only in breeding season, 2 again.   They hitch rides on freight trains.   Six meat pies and a carton of beer.   They eat their dead, including bones.   As above. they eat anything  
Comment icon #86 Posted by Trelane 3 months ago
What?? No interdimensional trolleys??? No space-time vortex kayaks????
Comment icon #87 Posted by openozy 3 months ago
Lol, they were all good questions Trelane that pretty well prove this creature can't exist. Even the enthusiasts have a smirk when they talk about it but I did see something and the story of BF keeps people alert in the wilderness which is always a good thing.
Comment icon #88 Posted by Golden Duck 3 months ago
Saiyan Great Apes disappear into a Hyperbolic Time Chamber to do stuff they don't want humans to see.
Comment icon #89 Posted by MysteryMike 3 months ago
Black bears and hermits living out in the wilderness. Explanation solved. Move along.

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