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If we live in a simulated reality, is it possible to escape it ?

By T.K. Randall
March 26, 2023 · Comment icon 30 comments

Are we living in a simulation ? Image Credit: Pixabay / KELLEPICS
One University of Louisville computer scientist has been exploring possible ways to escape to the 'real world'.
What if we told you that the world you live in might not be real ?

It may sound like a plot straight out of The Matrix, but according to some of the world's top minds, the idea that we are living inside a sophisticated computer simulation is not only possible, it may be more likely than the idea that we are living in the real world.

Actually escaping such a simulation, however, is likely to be a lot more challenging than simply taking the proverbial 'red pill'.

In a recent article, University of Louisville computer scientist Roman Yampolskiy set out to explore the idea of a simulated reality and, more specifically, how one might go about escaping it.
Like all computer programs, a simulated universe would presumably have bugs, enabling hacks and exploits to potentially break through the simulation and provide a glimpse of what lies beyond.

It might also be possible to overload or glitch out the underlying technology by attempting to solve some sort of impossible mathematical equation, for example, or by having millions of people meditate, then telling them to do something very active at the same time to suddenly overwhelm the system.

In his article, Yampolskiy notes that awareness of the idea of a computer simulation doesn't seem to have any effect on anything, nor does the existence of extremely complicated pieces of technology such as the Large Hadron Collider.

If we are living in a simulation, therefore, it would seem to be a very sophisticated one.

Source: Popular Mechanics | Comments (30)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by OverSword 12 months ago
That is not correct.  I had a form of this idea in elementary school in the 70's and I'm sure it's not an uncommon thing to wonder about.  My own theory was that we were plugged into machines either as part of an amusement park ride or a prison sentence.  Also if you are a simulation then for you this is the real world.  Personally I question the amount of "wits" someone without enough imagination to wonder about this has. 
Comment icon #22 Posted by OverSword 12 months ago
Regardless of whether we are real or a computer generated simulation we are still a creation.  Interesting.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Taun 12 months ago
Escape? heck no. I want access to the source code!
Comment icon #24 Posted by Antigonos 12 months ago
“I’m taking aim, Flint!”
Comment icon #25 Posted by and-then 12 months ago
That'd be the ultimate "brass ring" wouldn't it? 
Comment icon #26 Posted by OverSword 12 months ago
The unlimited ammo/god mode hack? 
Comment icon #27 Posted by CigaretteSmokingMan 12 months ago
Good lord…. Im sure you did. Tell us Nostradamus, what other predictions did you have? 
Comment icon #28 Posted by CigaretteSmokingMan 12 months ago
Can’t say it does. It’s one of those whacky things that I grew out of at the age of 10
Comment icon #29 Posted by OverSword 12 months ago
So at the age of twelve you now know it all eh?  
Comment icon #30 Posted by lightly 12 months ago
  Hmm, never noticed this before…wonder what this button is?     *CLICK*        

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