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Science & Technology

New law of physics supports the idea that we live in a simulated universe

10-12-2023 | 13

The second law of infodynamics seems to add credence to the idea that the world we live in isn't actually real.

Space & Astronomy

If we live in a simulated reality, is it possible to escape it ?

3-26-2023 | 30

One University of Louisville computer scientist has been exploring possible ways to escape to the 'real world'.

Science & Technology

How can we test to see if we are living in a computer simulation ?

11-26-2022 | 40

Is the world around us a computer simulation ? Physicist Melvin M. Vopson investigates how it might be possible to tell.

Science & Technology

If we live in a simulation, how much computer memory does it need ?

11-4-2021 | 67

Storing a simulation of the universe is likely to require more memory than the average video game.

Science & Technology

Free Guy: are we all characters in a simulation?

8-20-2021 | 22

Ever wondered if you actually exist entirely within the confines of a realistic computer simulation?

Science & Technology

This is what Earth would be like without oceans

 VIDEO  2-3-2020 | 13

A new NASA video shows a simulation of what would happen if all the world's oceans were to drain away.

Science & Technology

Are ghosts a sign that we live in a simulation ?

11-21-2019 | 90

Two scientists have put forward the intriguing yet disturbing notion that we may all be living in the Matrix.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Musk: 'We are probably living in a simulation'

9-10-2018 | 223

The SpaceX CEO continues to maintain that the world we see is nothing more than a computer simulation.

Space & Astronomy

How close are we to finding Planet Nine ?

10-15-2017 | 4

Scientists have developed a computer simulation that defines the exact orbit and behavior of Planet Nine.

Space & Astronomy

Mars simulation crew to emerge after 8 months

 VIDEO  9-17-2017 | 5

The crew of six NASA astronauts has been living in a dome near one of Hawaii's largest volcanoes.

World of the Bizarre

Full-scale 'Titanic' being built in China

12-3-2016 | 16

The life-size replica of the ill-fated vessel will even feature a simulation of the iceberg collision.

Science & Technology

Tech billionaires fund escape from the Matrix

10-8-2016 | 76

Two Silicon Valley billionaires are funding efforts to prove whether or not we live in a simulation.

Space & Astronomy

Mars simulation has ended after 12 months

 VIDEO  8-31-2016 | 1

Six scientists have been living in a dome for the last year in an effort to simulate a mission to Mars.

Science & Technology

Could our reality be a computer simulation ?

 VIDEO  6-2-2016 | 29

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk maintains that it is actually very likely that we live inside a simulation.

Science & Technology

Is the entire universe just a simulation ?

 VIDEO  4-14-2016 | 158

Is what we see and feel around us actually real or do we exist within some sort of computer simulation ?

Space & Astronomy

One-year Mars isolation simulation has begun

8-30-2015 | 20

Six people will spend the next year living in a dome in Hawaii to simulate a manned mission to Mars.

Science & Technology

Are we all living in a fake universe ?

 VIDEO  8-5-2015 | 42

Could our entire existence and everything we perceive of the world be inside a computer simulation ?

Space & Astronomy

Scientists 'play God' by creating a universe

1-1-2015 | 18

Two of the world's most powerful supercomputers have been used to build a simulation of the cosmos.


NASA outlines hunt for extraterrestrial life

9-12-2014 | 46

The space agency has used new simulations to determine how best to identify a life-bearing world.

Science & Technology

Artificial brain under development

2-27-2013 | 23

A team in Switzerland are building a complete and working computer simulation of the whole human brain.

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