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Fire crew attempts to rescue vanishing 'ghost' woman from bottom of well

By T.K. Randall
September 28, 2023 · Comment icon 97 comments

Where did the woman go ? Image Credit: YouTube / Zocalo
Firefighters even spoke to the woman, but when they reached the bottom of the well, nobody was there.
In a bizarre and unnerving story out of Mexico this week, police officers and fire rescue crews attended the scene of a woman who was trapped down a well in Saltilo's Nuevo Centro Metropolitano neighborhood on Saturday at around 3:30 in the morning.

To confirm that she was all right, officers called down the well to ask her what her name was.

"Juanita" she repeatedly called back from the depths.

It took quite some time, but the rescue team was eventually able to obtain the necessary equipment to lower a firefighter down to the bottom of the well to reach her.
To their surprise and dismay, however, when they got there the woman was nowhere to be found.

The bizarre case has since prompted a number of paranormal interpretations with one local investigator suggesting that what the rescue team had heard was the voice of a ghost.

Juanita, whoever she was, may have perished in the past by falling down the well.

Whatever the case, all that could be ascertained was that she's definitely not down there now.

Source: Zovalo | Comments (97)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #88 Posted by openozy 10 months ago
Not really spooky, more what Antigonos says about it. Paranormal or not, it's something.
Comment icon #89 Posted by XenoFish 10 months ago
Sure the feeling of history in a place. That's about it.
Comment icon #90 Posted by openozy 10 months ago
I suppose not everyone feels it but I don't get that feeling from a museum. Also I don't believe you Xeno, lol.
Comment icon #91 Posted by XenoFish 10 months ago
That's fine, I don't believe me either.
Comment icon #92 Posted by Golden Duck 9 months ago
What happens during daylight saving time? 
Comment icon #93 Posted by Shadowsfall 9 months ago
  Always felt like this standing on the banks of Loch Ness and gazing across the loch……and for reference never saw anything remotely Nessie like…..Boleskinse house has the same kind of mystique…?
Comment icon #94 Posted by XenoFish 9 months ago
The few times I've been in the mountains and looking over everything, I get that feeling of 'awe'. Knowing that I am not the first or last to see similar sights. That at one point in history great beast roamed the land where I stood. Rather amazing to me. Still want to see a dinosaur ghost.
Comment icon #95 Posted by openozy 9 months ago
That would be cool but I've never heard of anyone seeing one. There must be some timeline with these things. The only ghost animals I've seen are dogs, I remember 4 different ones, three were my former dogs and a neighbors one. I did have a red wolf/dog come to me when I was very distressed but I'm sure this was my spirit animal.
Comment icon #96 Posted by Piney 9 months ago
I only buy antique toys that were a little worn and played with because of this. The few cap guns, trains and cars I bought still in their boxes didn't have that "feeling they were loved". Now the antique American Evangelical books I have. They have a weird feeling of ignorance bordering evil. Like just short of "stupid evil". 
Comment icon #97 Posted by openozy 9 months ago
I have this pretty old book called The Coles Funny Book, it has that feeling you were saying. It's supposed to be funny but it is very racist and creepy.

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