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1 in 5 people in the UK believe that their own home is haunted

By T.K. Randall
October 30, 2023 · Comment icon 80 comments
Ghostly apparition standing in a dark room.
Is there a ghost lurking in your home ? Image Credit: Pixabay / aberrantrealities
A surprising number of Brits believe that there is a ghostly presence in their home, according to a new poll.
Have you ever seen a ghost or had a paranormal experience at home ? While it might seem as though only a small minority of people would say 'yes' to this question, the actual number - in the UK at least - appears to be a lot higher than you might expect.

According to a recent survey of 2,000 Brits, 1 in 5 believe their own home to be haunted while 1 in 20 believe that there is a ghostly presence at their workplace.

Almost 70% of respondents admitted to believing that ghosts exist, while almost 40% maintained that they had actually experienced something paranormal first-hand.

Of those 40%, around half believed that the presence was benevolent.
Geographically, the poll revealed that Londoners were the most likely to believe in the paranormal with 75% claiming that ghosts exist, while in Edinburgh that figure dropped to 47%.

5% of respondents even admitted to moving house to escape a resident spook.

"I've always found belief in the supernatural interesting, and it's intriguing that so many Brits are believers - with many claiming to have had their own experiences," said CJ Tudor - author and executive producer of new Paramount+ TV show The Burning Girls.

"The idea of things we don't understand or there being something 'other than this world' will always fascinate people and draw them into stories which examine those beliefs."

Source: The Mirror | Comments (80)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #71 Posted by Liquid Gardens 8 months ago
That's because the pillars for spiritual belief are so weak.  One petri dish showing that bacteria won't grow and is being killed when in proximity to Penicillium mold is a greater pillar for the fact that antibiotics can treat infections than the sum total of all of the pillars for spiritual belief.  So, again, unlike the method you propose for the paranormal where reviewing more and more anecdotes somehow makes it more credible, there are many truths that do not require your approach in order to make a case.  And I do mean 'require', you can't support the truth of a single anecdote and th... [More]
Comment icon #72 Posted by openozy 8 months ago
Comment icon #73 Posted by XenoFish 8 months ago
Comment icon #74 Posted by TashaMarie 8 months ago
However, those who utilise Facebook and other social media platforms to support their paranormal claims have an impact on you.  Some may argue that you have been influenced by their claims and stories.  
Comment icon #75 Posted by openozy 8 months ago
How would they if I never read them? I wouldn't bother. 
Comment icon #76 Posted by TashaMarie 8 months ago
Most of the stories in online news articles are lifted straight from social media, we have read many on here that have come from Facebook or some other social media site.  You don't need to go to any of these sites for them to infiltrate your life.  And if you have believed just one of those stories you have been influenced by a social media post.
Comment icon #77 Posted by openozy 8 months ago
I don't know what you are getting at but I have had enough paranormal experiences of my own to look back on and they keep occurring. So you are implying I read something then imagined my stuff, lol. Yeah, no. I've had 50 years of this, I have no doubt whatsoever but thanks for the opinion or attempted explanation.
Comment icon #78 Posted by TashaMarie 8 months ago
What I am saying is if you have believed any of the stories you have read that have been taken directly from a social media site then you have been influenced by social media.
Comment icon #79 Posted by openozy 8 months ago
Ok, I get you and agree but I personally don't really believe any stories and don't expect anyone else to.
Comment icon #80 Posted by Sgt84801 7 months ago
One in five? Hard to believe.

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