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Video shows motorbike rider passing through 'ghost' in the Philippines

By T.K. Randall
March 25, 2024 · Comment icon 15 comments
Ghostly figure disappears.
Where did this figure disappear to once the bike reached him ? Image Credit: Facebook / Karl Siao Dagus
The peculiar incident saw rider Karl Siao Dagus seemingly ride straight through a mystery figure in the road.
The video, which was posted up on Facebook earlier this month, features helmet camera footage captured while Dagus was riding through the streets of Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines.

As he proceeds along the darkened carriageway at around 3:00am in the morning, a figure can be seen emerging from the side of the road and dashing straight out in front of the bike.

What happens next, however, is the weird part - at the moment a collision should have occurred, the figure seems to suddenly fade away and the bike continues, having hit nothing at all.

When the rider slows down and looks back, there is no sign of anyone on the road.

So where did the figure go ?
The encounter quickly racked up a large number of views on social media and was featured in several local newspapers and TV news bulletins.

"We never felt his presence during the encounter," Dagus wrote.

"I'm not sure what it was but thank you Lord for the protection."

You can check out the footage for yourself below - what do you think happened ?

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by acute 26 days ago
I've seen a few examples of these incidents on 'paranormal' telly progs. There's an amazing one at a very busy crossroads, where a woman gets run over, but not. The CCTV captures what the drivers can't see.
Comment icon #7 Posted by sanchez710 26 days ago
Just a near miss, annoying that the video is paused at the supposed 'moment of impact'. As it's paused you can see that they are to the side of the bike and when the rider turns they've probably already crossed to the other side of the road.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Eil44 26 days ago
I don't understand how the supposed dash cam turned to look at whereabouts of said "ghost" and even captures the riders helmet looking for the 'ghost". Would this be possible with a bike camera?  
Comment icon #9 Posted by Duke Wellington 26 days ago
Its fake. The video is off in a number of places, such as after hitting the supposed person watch what happens to the truck. I`m going for this being virtual reality footage.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Montello 26 days ago
oh my
Comment icon #11 Posted by MissJatti 22 days ago
The rider was to scared to get off the bike, to see if that person on the roa was OK  
Comment icon #12 Posted by papageorge1 19 days ago
To everyone's shock I am going to lead with 'Hoax' on this one. It looks like a stuntman kid watching the motorcycle for timing and the video seems to just jump at the key point. and etcetera.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Antigonos 19 days ago
Better to err on the side of caution with any modern video or photograph.
Comment icon #14 Posted by the13bats 19 days ago
Hum, that's no ghost and no reason to even vaguely be considered anything but mundain The street person doesn't blur and go transparent until the cheap cam is jerked. I would have been fine with accident if not for the fact I don't know how the cam goes from fixed to moving which makes me wonder how that was done, the driver was ready to pan the cam the wordage is of course bs so that combined with camera moving, yeah hoax but a rather crappy ghost hoax .
Comment icon #15 Posted by MissJatti 14 days ago

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