Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Modern Mysteries

Mystery recordings to be heard for first time in 100 years

4-8-2022 | 3

Many fragile 19th-Century wax cylinders contain audio recordings that have, until now, been impossible to listen to.

Modern Mysteries

Two children survive for a month alone in the Amazon rainforest

3-30-2022 | 9

Two young brothers recently went missing in the dense rainforest and were miraculously found alive 27 days later.

Modern Mysteries

Who owns Shackleton's ship and what will happen to it ?

3-29-2022 | 2

The Endurance might have been found, but its future remains bound in a significant amount of red tape.

Modern Mysteries

Expedition findings shed new light on Dyatlov Pass mystery

3-25-2022 | 18

The findings bolster one particular explanation to one of the 20th-Century's most enduring mysteries.

Modern Mysteries

Shackleton's ship Endurance has been found at last

 VIDEO  3-9-2022 | 7

The iconic vessel has finally been discovered in the waters off Antarctica some 106 years after it sank.

Modern Mysteries

Warped road caused by 'mystery underground movements'

 VIDEO  2-28-2022 | 16

A road in the UK has become so warped that parts of it are now sitting at a 45-degree angle.

Modern Mysteries

Exploring the mystery of Scotland's 'Anthrax Island'

2-26-2022 | 2

A tiny island off the north-west coast of Scotland was once the site of a deadly germ warfare experiment.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds case of man who was hit by 'ghost gunshot'

2-18-2022 | 7

The man had been walking outside when he was hit by a bullet that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Modern Mysteries

'Ghost village' emerges from reservoir in Spain

 VIDEO  2-15-2022 | 4

The eerie ruins of a submerged village have been revealed following a period of drought in the region.

Modern Mysteries

Controversy surrounds HMS Endeavour wreck discovery

2-4-2022 | 1

Officials in Australia have announced that the wreck has been conclusively identified, but others are not so sure.

Modern Mysteries

Woman with 'superpower' can see 100 million colors

 VIDEO  1-31-2022 | 23

Artist Concetta Antico has a view of the world unlike any other thanks to a unique feature of her eyes.

Modern Mysteries

First known sighting of ball lightning in England uncovered

1-30-2022 | 5

Researchers have come across a detailed account of a ball lighting sighting that occurred almost 1,000 years ago.

Modern Mysteries

CIA report suggests 'Havana Syndrome' is not what it seems

1-21-2022 | 26

The CIA has played down the idea that the phenomenon is due to attacks by a hostile foreign power.

Modern Mysteries

Mysteries revisited: spontaneous human combustion

1-12-2022 | 11

Precisely what befell Sarah Morley, who was found burnt to ashes in 1902, would remain a topic of debate for decades.

Modern Mysteries

New expedition will search for Shackleton's ship 100 years after his death

1-6-2022 | 2

An expedition will set out later this year to search for the final resting place of the Endurance.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery fire in Australia has been burning for over 6,000 years

1-4-2022 | 4

Beneath Mount Wingen in New South Wales lies a fiery inferno that predates modern civilization.

Modern Mysteries

'Pale humanoid' captured on trail camera in Leesburg

 VIDEO  1-3-2022 | 19

A Leesburg resident recently recorded a very strange clip of something moving outside his home.

Modern Mysteries

Baba Vanga's predictions for 2022 revealed

12-31-2021 | 16

The blind mystic made several notable predictions for the next twelve months - and none of them are good.

Modern Mysteries

What did Nostradamus predict for 2022 and beyond ?

12-28-2021 | 16

The world's most prolific seer made a great number of predictions and many of these have yet to come to pass.

Modern Mysteries

Woman believes that she has been cursed by 'goblin' trinket

12-22-2021 | 15

Georgina Jones got more than she bargained for when she bought a 'cute' ornament from a charity shop.

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