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Science & Technology

US Navy is reportedly developing a one-of-a-kind supersonic submarine

2-21-2024 | 20

The highly advanced new submarine would be capable of traveling at supersonic speeds underwater.

Science & Technology

Scientists are using stem cell technology to 'de-extinct' the dodo

2-19-2024 | 15

A US startup firm has come up with a plan to resurrect the dodo and return it to its natural habitat.

Science & Technology

Chernobyl's mutant wolves have developed a resistance to cancer

2-18-2024 | 4

The wildlife that still frequents the Chernobyl exclusion zone seems to have undergone some unusual biological changes.

Science & Technology

Brain implants: what are the ethical issues of wiring up our minds ?

2-16-2024 | 0

After Neuralink's recent announcement of a successful human trial, brain implants have become a topic of heated debate.

Science & Technology

Your unique smell can provide clues about how healthy you are

2-14-2024 | 2

For millennia, doctors have been able to identify certain medical conditions purely from a person's scent.

Science & Technology

Could Atlantic 'tipping point' bring about a real-life 'Day After Tomorrow' ?

2-12-2024 | 30

A new study has painted a worrying picture of what could happen if the Gulf Stream was shut down by climate change.

Science & Technology

New method can detect 99% of secretive underground nuclear tests

2-9-2024 | 2

Scientists have found a way to reliably tell the difference between a natural earthquake and an underground nuclear explosion.

Science & Technology

Lucid dreamers drive virtual Cybertruck in bizarre new experiment

 VIDEO  2-9-2024 | 7

The research saw volunteers use the power of lucid dreaming to control a truck on a computer while unconscious.

Science & Technology

Neuralink brain chip has been implanted in a human for the first time

1-30-2024 | 17

Elon Musk's ambitious brain-computer interface startup has carried out its first ever human brain implant procedure.

Science & Technology

The Millennium Camera will take a single photograph over 1,000 years

1-28-2024 | 6

The camera, which is situated in the Tucson hills in Arizona, will remain in place until the 31st Century.

Science & Technology

The doomsday clock has remained at 90 seconds to midnight

 VIDEO  1-23-2024 | 5

The symbolic clock remains perilously close to armageddon with 'billions of lives' currently under threat.

Science & Technology

Could a frozen Siberian 'zombie' virus cause a new pandemic ?

1-21-2024 | 13

Viruses trapped in permafrost for thousands of years could potentially thaw out and infect modern humans.

Science & Technology

NASA officially unveils 'son of Concorde' X-59 quiet supersonic plane

 VIDEO  1-16-2024 | 24

The futuristic aircraft can reach supersonic speeds without producing deafening sonic booms.

Science & Technology

Fingerprints are not all unique, new AI-based study finds

1-15-2024 | 2

The findings could one day help to solve cold criminal cases and to acquit innocent people.

Science & Technology

Could AI be a solution to loneliness or will it make things worse ?

1-12-2024 | 41

Three Australian researchers take a look at how artificial intelligence could tackle the problem of loneliness.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop new way to make someone easier to hypnotize

1-8-2024 | 3

The non-invasive brain stimulation technique was shown to be effective at increasing a person's hypnotizability.

Science & Technology

Scientists come up with new type of jet fuel made out of excrement

1-2-2024 | 15

The idea of keeping airplanes in the sky with fuel made from human waste might soon become a reality.

Science & Technology

New AI can predict when you will die more accurately than ever before

12-20-2023 | 0

The new artificial intelligence system uses data about people's lives to determine how long they have left to live.

Science & Technology

Tesla unveils second generation of its humanoid Optimus robot

 VIDEO  12-14-2023 | 7

The impressive new robot is even more capable than its predecessor as well as being both faster and lighter.

Science & Technology

Gigantic Pacific 'rogue wave' was the most extreme on record

12-14-2023 | 6

For centuries, rogue waves were thought to be little more than myth, but that all changed three decades ago.

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