Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Space & Astronomy

If there is alien life on Europa, we might soon know about it

4-10-2024 | 9

NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft will be carrying an instrument that may be capable of detecting signs of primitive life.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'Joker' suffers from uncontrollable, pathological laughter

 VIDEO  4-10-2024 | 5

The titular character of the popular movie and its upcoming sequel suffers from an affliction that is based on a real-life condition.

The UFO Phenomenon

10-page UFO dossier released by Australia's Department of Defence

4-9-2024 | 86

The Australian government released the files to the public following a Freedom of Information Act request.

The UFO Phenomenon

Netflix's Files of the Unexplained: who was Calvin Parker ?

 VIDEO  4-9-2024 | 5

The first episode of the new Netflix show explores the alleged alien abduction of two men in Pascagoula.


Total solar eclipse generates series of bizarre conspiracy theories

4-8-2024 | 26

Today's eclipse should be something spectacular, but it has also been mired in nonsensical conspiracies.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk speaks out about colonizing Mars and extraterrestrial life

 VIDEO  4-8-2024 | 4

The SpaceX CEO has some ambitious plans to build a thriving city on the Red Planet within as little as 20 years.

The UFO Phenomenon

Westall UFO witnesses are still seeking answers over 58 years on

4-7-2024 | 132

A high-profile mass UFO sighting in Australia is still no closer to being solved almost six decades later.

Space & Astronomy

'Moon Racer' lunar buggy shortlisted for NASA's Artemis V mission

4-7-2024 | 0

If this early concept image is anything to go by, the astronauts could soon be zooming around on the Moon in style.


3 Body Problem: is the universe really a 'dark forest' full of hostile aliens ?

4-6-2024 | 31

If the universe is teeming with intelligent alien civilizations, why have we still not been contacted by them ?

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery Bigfoot-like creature terrifies visitors to England's South Downs

4-6-2024 | 24

Several witnesses claim to have had an encounter with what has been described as a growling bipedal creature.

Archaeology & History

Tales of mysterious 'giants' still haunt Nevada's Lovelock Cave

4-5-2024 | 15

For years, archaeologists have remained divided over the discovery of alleged giant skeletons and artifacts.

The UFO Phenomenon

Robbie Williams believes that his fame may have made him a target for aliens

4-5-2024 | 44

The British singer maintains a keen interest in the unexplained and has had a number of UFO experiences.

Archaeology & History

Researchers scour Britain's lakes for King Arthur's sword Excalibur

4-4-2024 | 5

The hunt is on for King Arthur's famous blade... even though nobody is sure that it actually exists at all.

Modern Mysteries

New Netflix show 'Files of the Unexplained' is streaming now

 VIDEO  4-4-2024 | 4

A new 8-part documentary series on Netflix aims to explore a multitude of famous unexplained mysteries.

Science & Technology

New real-life 6ft invisibility 'megashield' can hide multiple people

 VIDEO  4-3-2024 | 9

It's not quite on par with Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, but it is another step in the right direction.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

BFRO investigates Bigfoot sighting near Centralia, Washington

4-3-2024 | 12

The alleged sasquatch was sighted along the top of a nearby ridge back at the beginning of February.


What was it that gave modern humans the edge over the Neanderthals ?

4-2-2024 | 16

Today, we are the only human species left on the planet - but what was it that made us so special ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Metallic UFO captured on camera by airline passenger over New York City

 VIDEO  4-2-2024 | 64

The object, which resembled a metallic disc, quickly zipped past the window at considerable speed.

Modern Mysteries

New report: Havana Syndrome linked to Russian sonic weapons

4-1-2024 | 11

A new investigation by multiple news outlets has linked the phenomenon to a Russian intelligence unit.


Old conspiracy re-emerges as Tennessee moves to ban 'chemtrails'

4-1-2024 | 39

In an unexpected move, state senate officials have passed a bill designed to ban the release of chemicals in the sky.

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