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The UFO Phenomenon

50th anniversary of first abduction case

9-21-2011 | 20

Fifty years ago Betty and Barney Hill had an encounter that would put them in the history books.


Sammy Hagar claims alien abduction

3-22-2011 | 38

The former Van Halen lead singer recounts his past experiences with UFOs.

The UFO Phenomenon

New book details Scotland abduction case

12-20-2009 | 1

A new book by author Malcolm Robinson has shed new light on Scotland's most enduring UFO mystery, the abduction of Garry...

The UFO Phenomenon

Abductee takes pictures inside UFO ?

5-26-2009 | 47

Two photographs uploaded anonymously to the MUFON web site are alleged to have been taken on board an alien craft during...

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