Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

US fighter jet shoots down 'unidentified object' over Alaska

2-11-2023 | 258

The mysterious object was reportedly smaller than the Chinese balloon that was shot down last week.

Nature & Environment

Weird translucent fish discovered in the sea near Alaska

7-7-2022 | 2

This bizarre ocean-dwelling fish was found in the depths of the North Pacific by a group of NOAA scientists.

The UFO Phenomenon

Aerial anomaly over Alaska sparks UFO speculation

4-9-2022 | 5

Residents took to social media to share photographs of an anomalous cloud-like trail over Lazy Mountain.

World of the Bizarre

Real-life 'revenant' rescued after bear attack

7-23-2021 | 10

A man has been rescued from the Alaskan wilderness after enduring repeated attacks by a grizzly bear.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Man set to solve Iliamna Lake Monster mystery

5-17-2019 | 10

A former marine ecologist is aiming to use underwater cameras to spot an elusive lake beast in Alaska.

Science & Technology

Lake has so much methane you can set it on fire

 VIDEO  9-29-2018 | 7

Esieh Lake in northern Alaska is releasing so much trapped methane that you can literally set the air ablaze.

Nature & Environment

New 'king' polar bear clue found in Alaska

3-18-2017 | 2

A skull belonging to what is thought to be an extinct species of giant polar bear has been discovered.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Ice monster' filmed in Alaska's Chena River

 VIDEO  10-31-2016 | 62

Video footage of a strange snake-like creature covered in ice has recently gone viral on social media.

Modern Mysteries

Large eels fall from the sky over Alaska

6-11-2015 | 16

Arctic lamprey eels measuring several feet in length have been observed plummeting from the heavens.

Nature & Environment

35,000 walruses gather on Alaskan beach

10-1-2014 | 22

Massive numbers of the seaborne mammals hauled themselves on to the shoreline for a bit of a rest.

World of the Bizarre

Bear falls through ceiling, disrupts party

6-28-2014 | 18

An Alaska couple were preparing for their child's birthday when a black bear fell through the ceiling.


Thousands of dinosaur tracks discovered

9-26-2013 | 6

A veritable treasure trove of dinosaur footprints has been found along the side of Alaska's Yukon river.

World of the Bizarre

Orange goo in Alaska baffles experts

8-7-2011 | 35

A strange orange gunk that appeared in a remote Alaskan village has locals and experts alike baffled.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Cadborosaurus filmed in Alaska ?

 VIDEO  7-20-2011 | 51

The team behind TV "Deadliest Catch" series claim to have filmed a strange creature in Alaska.

Archaeology & History

Ancient shaman whaling dangers revealed

6-21-2011 | 2

Petroglyphs on Alaskan islands reveal a spiritual side to Alutiiq whaling dominated by shamans.

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