Saturday, December 2, 2023
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World of the Bizarre

New Zealand driver crashes car after being spooked by 'ghost'

10-17-2023 | 0

The peculiar incident had more to do with the driver's alcohol intake than the presence of a paranormal entity.

World of the Bizarre

Man gets drunk on cake due to weird condition

1-11-2021 | 5

62-year-old Nick Carson suffers from a rare condition that turns carbohydrates directly into alcohol.

World of the Bizarre

Woman urinates alcohol in world-first case

2-26-2020 | 18

A 61-year-old has been diagnosed with a unique condition that causes her bladder to act like a brewery.

Nature & Environment

Goldfish are able to create their own alcohol

8-14-2017 | 9

Scientists have discovered how goldfish are able to survive for months in ice-covered ponds and lakes.

Science & Technology

Cars may soon refuse to go if you are drunk

 VIDEO  6-9-2015 | 41

A new automated alcohol detection system may soon be making drink-driving physically impossible.

Science & Technology

Drinking alcohol dates back 10 million years

12-2-2014 | 21

Our early primate ancestors are likely to have consumed alcohol in the form of fermented fruit.

Science & Technology

Genetically engineered worms can't get drunk

7-18-2014 | 25

Scientists have produced a worm with altered genes that is incapable of ever becoming intoxicated.

Science & Technology

Scientists prove that 'beer goggles' do exist

5-28-2014 | 23

According to new research, drinking too much really can make someone appear more attractive.

Archaeology & History

Was ancient Sumerian beer alcohol free ?

1-22-2012 | 21

The beer variant enjoyed by the ancient Sumerians may not have contained any alcohol at all.

World of the Bizarre

World's first alcohol free 'halal whisky'

11-8-2011 | 37

A new drink claimed to be alcohol-free whiskey is to be sold around the world from December 1st.

World of the Bizarre

92-year-old refused sale of alcohol

11-2-2011 | 62

A 92-year-old was refused a bottle of whisky because she couldn't produce proof that she was over 18.

Science & Technology

'Drunken' gene discovered by scientists

10-21-2010 | 9

Scientists have identified a gene that determines how quickly alcohol goes to your head.

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