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The UFO Phenomenon

Former Area 51 scientist claims UFOs are real

 VIDEO  10-30-2014 | 1282

Boyd Bushman revealed information on UFOs and ET visitation during an interview shortly before his death.

The UFO Phenomenon

Bob Lazar still defends story 25 years on

5-16-2014 | 1341

The alleged former Area 51 scientist continues to maintain that everything he has said is true.


Documents reveal Area 51 Cold War secrecy

11-15-2013 | 33

Several newly declassified documents have lifted the lid on Area 51 and the struggle to keep it a secret.


CIA acknowledges existence of Area 51

8-16-2013 | 53

Newly released CIA documents have acknowledged the secretive military base for the first time.


Secret 'batplane' filmed near Area 51

2-1-2013 | 160

A man living near Groom Lake has allegedly filmed a test flight of a secret new aircraft design.


BBC film crew arrested at Area 51

10-12-2012 | 84

The crew were filming a documentary for the BBC called 'UFO: Conspiracy Road Trip' when they were caught.


Museum to open Area 51 exhibit

3-22-2012 | 13

The National Atomic Testing Museum exhibit will be loaded with alleged UFO and alien related items.


Take a peak at what lies in Area 51

6-5-2011 | 19

For years its been the most famous "secret" base in the world, but just how secret is it nowadays ?


Revealed: how Area 51 hid secret craft

5-22-2011 | 27

Declassified documents have revealed some of the ways futuristic prototypes were kept out of site.


Google map users review Area 51

11-24-2010 | 27

Users of Google's map service have taken to leaving reviews of the enigmatic Area 51 base.


Former Area 51 insiders speak out

5-8-2010 | 49

Its one of the most secretive places on the planet but now five insiders have revealed new details about Area 51.


The road to Area 51

4-11-2009 | 17

Area 51 is one of the world's most secretive locations, with the US government refusing to acknowledge it exists. Despit...

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