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Modern Mysteries

Man vanished without a trace while seeking 'vibrating' cave near Area 51

 VIDEO  3-17-2024 | 21

The disappearance of Kenny Veach still remains a topic of debate and intrigue almost 10 years on.

The UFO Phenomenon

Metallic egg-shaped UFO was kept at Area 51, claims whistleblower

12-13-2023 | 18

A defense aerospace contractor has recounted the experiences of his great uncle who once worked at the secretive facility.


Former CIA 'Agent Kewper' Area 51 deathbed confession resurfaces

 VIDEO  12-2-2022 | 109

A 2013 interview with a former-CIA agent who claimed to have intimate knowledge of Area 51 has been doing the rounds this week.


FBI raids homes of Area 51 journalist and confiscates his files

11-15-2022 | 16

Joerg Arnu is a prominent Area 51 researcher who has worked on numerous documentaries and TV shows.


Possible mystery aircraft photographed outside Area 51 hangar

9-2-2022 | 19

A satellite image taken on August 1st appears to show something large sitting outside a remote hangar at the base.


Iconic Area 51 black mailbox ranch up for sale

2-16-2021 | 1

A ranch made famous for its black mailbox and proximity to the secretive US base is now available for purchase.


New aerial photograph of Area 51 emerges

1-2-2021 | 11

Pilot Bob Richards recently snapped a new image showing some of the base's buildings and runways.


Remembering 'Storm Area 51' - one year on

9-23-2020 | 5

12 months ago, what started out as a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post became a social media phenomenon.


Underground entrances to Area 51 discovered

 VIDEO  6-2-2020 | 12

An eagle-eyed Google Earth user has identified what appear to be several underground tunnel entrances.


Pilot captures amazing aerial images of Area 51

4-15-2020 | 8

Private pilot Gabriel Zeifman recently captured a whole series of impressive snaps of the secretive base.


'Storm Area 51' is happening all over again

2-15-2020 | 11

The infamous event, which saw millions of sign-ups back in 2019, is set to take place again later this year.

The UFO Phenomenon

61% of Americans want full UFO disclosure

2-12-2020 | 95

A new poll has revealed what Americans really think about UFOs, Area 51 and government cover-ups.


Mystery aircraft spotted on runway near Area 51

12-19-2019 | 23

A number of unidentified aircraft have been spotted next to hangars at Tonopah Test Range Airport in Nevada.


Area 51 visitors are forced to wear 'foggles'

12-16-2019 | 2

Many who venture onto the secretive military base are expected to don a special type of eyewear.


'Area 51' among 2019's most searched terms

12-11-2019 | 6

Google has revealed the events, people and things that were searched for the most over the last 12 months.


Hundreds sign up to storm Australia's Area 51

11-26-2019 | 8

Several Facebook pages have cropped up to promote Australia's answer to the infamous 'Storm Area 51' event.


Is this the real reason the FBI raided Bob Lazar?

11-15-2019 | 46

Newly released documents have shed light on why the alleged former Area 51 worker was raided last year.


BBC film crew was held at gunpoint at Area 51

11-11-2019 | 14

Comedian Andrew Maxwell and his crew once had their own harrowing experience near the secretive facility.


Military apologizes for Area 51 threat Tweet

9-26-2019 | 7

A US military Twitter account has issued an apology for threatening to bomb 'Storm Area 51' attendees.


Only a few dozen show up to 'Storm Area 51'

 VIDEO  9-21-2019 | 44

After months of hype, barely anyone actually turned up to storm through the gates of the secretive facility.

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