Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

Microbes 'unknown to science' found on ISS

3-18-2021 | 12

Scientists have discovered three strains of bacteria on the orbiting outpost that have never been seen before.

Science & Technology

2bn-year-old 'time capsule' could contain life

12-29-2019 | 1

Scientists have discovered what looks like bacteria in water retrieved from isolated 'pockets' in South Africa.

Science & Technology

'Zombie' bacteria found deep beneath the Earth

12-11-2018 | 22

Scientists have revealed that an incredibly large amount of life exists in our planet's deep subsurface.

Science & Technology

Scientists to set up a microbial 'Noah's Ark'

10-5-2018 | 2

The plan would involve preserving the beneficial bacteria found in the guts of people from all across the world.

Space & Astronomy

Russia warns of deadly mutant space bacteria

7-7-2018 | 13

Bacteria that mutate during a trip in to space could become a threat to life on Earth, scientists claim.


Has alien bacteria been found on the ISS ?

11-28-2017 | 34

Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov has indicated that bacteria found on the space station could have come from space.

Science & Technology

Scientists discover plastic-eating bacteria

3-12-2016 | 18

For the first time ever a species of bacteria has been found that can break down common plastics.

Science & Technology

Bacteria are able to see the world like we do

2-10-2016 | 6

Scientists have revealed that bacteria are not that dissimilar to us when it comes to sensing light.

Space & Astronomy

International Space Station is full of germs

10-27-2015 | 16

The inside of the International Space Station appears to be a breeding ground for bacterial pathogens.


Fossil flea carries ancient plague bacteria

9-30-2015 | 15

A 20 million-year-old flea trapped in amber is thought to be carrying the ancestor of Black Death.

Science & Technology

Ancient bacteria could hold key to longevity

9-21-2015 | 20

A 3.5 million-year-old bacteria found in Siberia could make it possible for humans to live longer.

Science & Technology

First new antibiotic in 30 years discovered

1-8-2015 | 22

Scientists have announced the discovery of a new type of antibiotic with the potential for more to come.

Science & Technology

Ebola-killing robots zap viruses in hospitals

10-12-2014 | 7

A sophisticated new robot is battling viruses and bacteria in hospitals across the United States.

Nature & Environment

Electric life forms live on pure energy

 VIDEO  7-20-2014 | 42

Scientists have identified extraordinary types of bacteria that literally live and breath electrons.

Science & Technology

The war on antibiotic resistance has begun

5-21-2014 | 14

Leading healthcare experts have proposed new measures to tackle the threat of resistant bacteria.

Space & Astronomy

Bacteria could colonize Mars before we do

5-5-2014 | 11

Extremely resistant forms of bacteria could find their way to Mars by hitching a ride on a spacecraft.

Science & Technology

New life form discovered in Lake Vostok

3-8-2013 | 28

Russian scientists have uncovered a completely new type of bacteria in the subglacial Antarctic lake.

Science & Technology

Superbugs pose "apocalyptic threat"

1-26-2013 | 59

Fresh concerns have been raised over the potential consequences of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Nature & Environment

Storm clouds are crawling with bacteria

1-24-2013 | 20

Scientists have discovered that the clouds above our heads are filled with microbial life.


3.5 billion-year-old fossil discovered

1-4-2013 | 36

Researchers have uncovered bacteria fossils so old that they predate oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere.

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