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Space & Astronomy

New study hints at 'Oumuamua's origins

3-19-2018 | 7

Researchers believe that it is very likely that the interstellar asteroid came from a binary star system.

Space & Astronomy

New 'Tatooine' planet is largest ever found

6-14-2016 | 2

Astronomers have revealed the discovery of a Jupiter-sized exoplanet in a distant binary star system.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers find two stars merging together

10-22-2015 | 13

Two massive stars locked in a deadly embrace have been discovered over 160,000 light years away.

Space & Astronomy

Could there be a real-life Tatooine ?

3-31-2015 | 8

Astronomers believe that desert planets similar to Tatooine in Star Wars might actually be common.

Space & Astronomy

Earth-like worlds may exist in nearby system

3-28-2015 | 36

There could be two potentially habitable planets in a binary star system just 4.3 light years away.

Space & Astronomy

'Impossible' binary stars discovered

7-8-2012 | 12

Astronomers have discovered two red dwarf stars orbiting one another in a record breaking 2.5 hours.

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