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Science & Technology

'Bionic mushroom' could power your phone

11-7-2018 | 4

Scientists have converted a regular shop-bought mushroom in to a device that can produce electricity.

Science & Technology

Bionic hand gives amputee a sense of touch

1-4-2018 | 7

For the first time, an artificial limb with a sense of touch has been built for use outside of the lab.

Science & Technology

DARPA delivers state-of-the-art bionic arm

 VIDEO  12-28-2016 | 3

Military amputees are to be among the first to benefit from DARPA's revolutionary new prosthetic arm.

Science & Technology

Bionic spinach is able to detect explosives

11-1-2016 | 2

Scientists have found a way to transform regular spinach plants in to highly effective bomb detectors.

Science & Technology

'Bionic girl' unable to feel hunger or pain

1-17-2016 | 8

7-year-old Olivia Farnsworth suffers from a rare condition that affects only 100 people worldwide.

Science & Technology

Bionic eyes could eventually 'cure' blindness

12-21-2015 | 13

Scientists have been developing bionic eyes that work independently of a person's own ocular system.

Science & Technology

3D-printed bionic hand wins Dyson prize

 VIDEO  8-27-2015 | 7

A new, inexpensive 3D-printed bionic hand could be the key to making prosthetic limbs affordable to all.

Science & Technology

First ever bionic heart doesn't have a beat

3-12-2015 | 20

Scientists have developed an artificial heart that can pump blood around the body without beating.

Science & Technology

Star Wars-style 'bionic hand' developed

2-25-2015 | 8

Researchers have created a responsive artificial limb that can be controlled directly by the brain.

Science & Technology

First ever bionic Olympics to be held in 2016

3-29-2014 | 6

The Olympics will be going high-tech with the first ever 'Cybathlon' to take place in Switzerland.

Science & Technology

First complete 'bionic man' unveiled

 VIDEO  10-21-2013 | 33

A robot made entirely out of artificial body parts has been revealed at a museum in Washington.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop bionic hand that can feel

2-20-2013 | 18

A new type of bionic hand could revolutionise the lives of amputees by restoring their ability to touch.

Science & Technology

15-year-old girl receives bionic fingers

8-21-2011 | 8

Chloe Holmes is the youngest person in Europe to receive the artificial fingers costing £38,000.

Science & Technology

World's first permanent 'bionic' eyes

12-21-2010 | 11

For the first time bionic eye implants will become available to patients on a permanent basis.

Science & Technology

The Bionic Man: 'we have the technology'

11-9-2010 | 3

From eye implants to prosthetic limbs we are coming ever closer to a real life bionic man.

Science & Technology

World's first robotic legs created

7-18-2010 | 9

Two British researchers have developed the world's first set of bionic legs that allow paraplegics to walk again.

Science & Technology

World's first bionic fingers unveiled

12-14-2009 | 5

Scientists at Livingston based Touch Bionics have unveiled the ProDigits, the world's first bionic fingers. It is hoped ...

Science & Technology

Man to have camera embedded in eye socket

3-9-2009 | 15

Reporter Rob Spence has said that he is planning to have a camera embedded in his eye socket and become a 'bionic report...

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