Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Space & Astronomy

How can we be so sure that dark matter exists ?

6-8-2022 | 15

It's supposed to be the most common form of matter in the universe, but nobody has ever actually seen it.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers pick up a mysterious radio signal from an unknown source

5-31-2022 | 9

Astronomers in Australia have discovered a strange radio source and nobody knows what it could be.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery as NASA investigates anomalous Voyager 1 telemetry

5-22-2022 | 21

The long-lived space probe has been sending back some unusual data and nobody can figure out why.


Driverless car is pulled over by police, then does a runner

 VIDEO  4-11-2022 | 9

Police in San Francisco recently pulled over a vehicle only to find that there was nobody in the driving seat.


Mystery creature discovered on a street in Australia

3-4-2022 | 21

A jogger recently came across this indescribable creature and nobody seems to know what on Earth it is.

Space & Astronomy

Secretive X-37b has spent 500 days in space

10-8-2021 | 0

The latest mission of the mysterious space plane has so far lasted 500 days and nobody knows what it's up to.

The UFO Phenomenon

Video shows mystery craft at Lockheed facility

 VIDEO  10-2-2021 | 7

The clip shows the body of some futuristic aircraft at Lockheed's Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility.


Smuggler found with cacti strapped to her body

2-7-2021 | 5

A woman in New Zealand has been charged with attempting to smuggle hundreds of cacti into the country.

Modern Mysteries

Mysteries revisited: the body on Killhope Moor

1-26-2021 | 2

The mystery of a body found in a coffin on a moor 100 years ago continues to endure even to this day.

Modern Mysteries

Body found in freezer at old haunted house

 VIDEO  1-6-2021 | 4

Police in South Carolina are investigating after a body was found by a group of amateur ghost hunters.

Modern Mysteries

Case of mystery body reopened 41 years on

9-6-2020 | 4

Experts are attempting to solve the mystery of an unidentified man who washed up on the Isles of Scilly.


'Dead' woman is found alive in a body bag

8-25-2020 | 2

The terrifying scenario became a reality for one young woman who recently 'died' at her home in Detroit.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon officially confirms UFO task force

8-15-2020 | 18

The US government has confirmed that it has set up a body dedicated to investigating the UFO phenomenon.


Reptile had a neck 3 times the length of its body

8-9-2020 | 8

Scientists have been studying how a prehistoric creature named Tanystropheus supported its insanely long neck.

Modern Mysteries

Ghost team finds hint of body at 'Tiger King' zoo

7-14-2020 | 4

The 'Ghost Adventures' crew recently found possible evidence of human remains at Joe Exotic's old zoo.

Space & Astronomy

Martian moons may have once formed rings

6-3-2020 | 8

An increasing body of evidence suggests that Mars may have once had its own spectacular ring system.

Ancient Mysteries

'Nazareth Inscription' Jesus link now in doubt

4-26-2020 | 10

An inscribed stone tablet dating back 2,000 years may not be about Jesus' body as was previously believed.

Space & Astronomy

Future spacefarers may evolve bigger skulls

4-22-2020 | 7

Scientists have identified one of the more unexpected ways in which the body changes while in space.

Modern Mysteries

What are the origins of April Fools' Day ?

 VIDEO  4-1-2020 | 4

We celebrate it each year by pulling pranks on one another, but nobody is quite sure how it all started.

The UFO Phenomenon

Driver films 'rotating disc' while stuck in traffic

 VIDEO  11-8-2019 | 16

Footage of a strange spinning object has emerged online and nobody seems to be able to tell what it is.

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