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Teen in coma knows nothing of the pandemic

2-8-2021 | 8

A teenager who is starting to wake from a coma caught Covid twice but is totally unaware of what's happening.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds man who woke from coma

6-26-2018 | 11

Jason Fisher spent two months in a coma after being found unconscious on the street in Hull two years ago.

Modern Mysteries

Man wakes up from coma after 12 years

1-15-2015 | 14

Having slipped in to a coma at the age of 12, Martin Pistorius didn't wake up again for over a decade.

Modern Mysteries

Coma patient wakes up speaking French

12-23-2014 | 14

A car accident also left barber Rory Curtis believing that he was Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Coma patient wakes up with 'psychic powers'

3-17-2014 | 42

An injured man who spent two weeks in a coma believes that the experience has made him psychic.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Man wakes from coma speaking new language

12-28-2012 | 36

When 81-year-old Alun Morgan suffered from a stroke he woke up to find that he could speak Welsh.


The boy who 'went to heaven'

2-12-2011 | 62

While in a coma following a car crash six-year-old Alex Malarkey believes he went to heaven.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Teenager wakes from coma speaking German

4-14-2010 | 16

A Croatian teenager who fell in to a coma has awoken to find that she is now fluent in another language.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Man awoke from coma with foreign accent

3-17-2010 | 14

A man who was left in a coma for 6 weeks following a car accident woke up to find he had a foreign accent.

Science & Technology

Conscious man 'in coma' for 23 years

11-23-2009 | 28

A man who was believed to be in a coma following a car crash spent 23 years in a hospital bed, he was paralysed but full...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Baby's voice wakes mother from coma

10-10-2009 | 4

A mother who fell in to a coma after contracting food poisoning was brought back to life after hearing the sound of her ...

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