Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds grey squirrel found in 'impossible location'

6-8-2024 | 2

Conservationists have been left puzzled by the discovery of an invasive species of squirrel on a Scottish island.


Discovery of aliens could reignite tensions between science and religion

6-4-2024 | 50

Former MoD UFO researcher Nick Pope has commented on the potential societal consequences of finding aliens.

Archaeology & History

Have scientists finally figured out how the pyramids were built ?

5-20-2024 | 4

Scientists have discovered a long-lost branch of the Nile that was the key to the construction of the pyramids.

World of the Bizarre

Slovakian government official raises eyebrows with 'flat Earth' comment

5-18-2024 | 6

Prominent Slovakian politician Lukas Machala is reportedly no stranger to conspiracy theories.


Avril Lavigne responds to bizarre conspiracy theory about herself

5-16-2024 | 5

For years, rumors have circulated suggesting that the singer was replaced decades ago by a body double.


Conspiracy theorist claims 'demons' are responsible for UFO sightings

5-13-2024 | 31

Bart Sibrel was famously punched in the face by astronaut Buzz Aldrin after heckling him over the Moon landings.


Scientists reconstruct face of a Neanderthal dating back 75,000 years

 VIDEO  5-12-2024 | 10

The face of a Neanderthal woman has been painstakingly recreated from skull fragments found in Kurdistan.


What's the best way to tell whether or not a conspiracy theory is true ?

5-8-2024 | 15

Conspiracies are everywhere these days and sometimes it's hard to tell what's true and what isn't.


Now conspiracy theorists are claiming that our solar system has two suns

5-1-2024 | 18

This latest in a long line of ridiculous conspiracy theories is perhaps the most nonsensical one to date.


NASA scientist debunks 'alien spire on the Moon' conspiracy theory

4-22-2024 | 31

An eagle-eyed anomaly hunter had discovered what looked like a spire-like structure in a NASA photo of the Moon.

Science & Technology

What happened to Saudi Arabia's $1.5tn 105-mile-long megacity ?

 VIDEO  4-11-2024 | 5

It would have been one of the most revolutionary and ambitious constructions on Earth... so where is it ?


Total solar eclipse generates series of bizarre conspiracy theories

4-8-2024 | 27

Today's eclipse should be something spectacular, but it has also been mired in nonsensical conspiracies.

The UFO Phenomenon

Metallic UFO captured on camera by airline passenger over New York City

 VIDEO  4-2-2024 | 64

The object, which resembled a metallic disc, quickly zipped past the window at considerable speed.


Old conspiracy re-emerges as Tennessee moves to ban 'chemtrails'

4-1-2024 | 41

In an unexpected move, state senate officials have passed a bill designed to ban the release of chemicals in the sky.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Panpsychism: could everything in the universe be conscious ?

3-26-2024 | 35

One theory suggests that everything in the universe, even the chair you are sitting on, has some level of consciousness.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Consciousness and reality: is there a limit to what science can solve ?

3-19-2024 | 33

Some of the most fundamental questions of existence and consciousness may be beyond the scope of conventional science.

Modern Mysteries

Workers discover three human skulls while laying foundation for new home

3-15-2024 | 6

The grisly discovery was made by construction crews working at a building site in Narrumson Road, New Jersey.

World of the Bizarre

Billionaire announces, for the second time, plans to build the Titanic II

3-13-2024 | 13

Clive Palmer has announced his intention to fund the construction of a new Titanic for the second time in 10 years.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon considered program to reverse-engineer UFOs, report claims

3-12-2024 | 16

The Pentagon's recent UFO report includes references to a UFO reverse-engineering program known as Kona Blue.

Archaeology & History

The face of Dante, the man behind the nine circles of Hell, is revealed

3-1-2024 | 4

A new facial reconstruction has revealed, for the first time, the true face of the writer, poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri.

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