Monday, April 22, 2024
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Metallic UFO captured on camera by airline passenger over New York City

By T.K. Randall
April 2, 2024 · Comment icon 64 comments
UFO over New York City.
What could this object be ? Image Credit: Reddit / u/NeedthatCheese
The object, which resembled a metallic disc, quickly zipped past the window at considerable speed.
The short video clip, which was uploaded onto Reddit around 6 days ago, was allegedly recorded by an airline passenger who had been flying back to New York City from Florida.

"Watch it fly by over the top of the clip first few seconds..." the caption reads.

"By far the clearest video I've ever seen".
When the clip is played at normal speed, it is extremely easy to miss the object because it flits past the window in a split second. When the video is slowed down or paused, however, it is possible to make out a strange metallic (and possibly disc-shaped) object moving across the sky.

Exactly what the object could be remains unclear.

Some social media users have speculated that it could be a drone or some type of balloon, while others maintain that what the passenger captured on film was something otherworldly.

Whatever the case, it's certainly an interesting sighting.

Source: Reddit | Comments (64)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #55 Posted by the13bats 18 days ago
What are you making up?
Comment icon #56 Posted by the13bats 18 days ago
A great example is in another thread a Bigfoot sighting the witnesses and the Bigfoot group they reported it to all were convinced it was the "real deal" Since BF isn't proven there is no real deal in addition the case was solved when runners proved via gps it was them that were mistaken for the mythical creature?. This shows that some people like to jump to the less likely unproven credious solutions rather than to consider first they don't know why jump from don't know to anything ? And why is that "anything" the least likely of possibilities?
Comment icon #57 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 18 days ago
Not this time.
Comment icon #58 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 18 days ago
And yet you decide to disbelieve the stories. No difference. Just 2 sides of the same coin. Your issues may arise from things like the fires of Queensland, the koi of doom, the tears of Pele, the legend of teonimanu... all stories, later proven to be true. The Basel incident occured in the 1500's on 3 separate nights, all agreed in text, pictures drawn, witnessed by thousands. Flying balls in the sky fighting each other. You see, the usual begging defence of headlights, balloons, military, secret programs are all not available here. Flying objects, 3 occasions, witnessed by thousands, document... [More]
Comment icon #59 Posted by the13bats 18 days ago
Me and you really aren't the same, you are willing to believe a story at face value zero evidence I believe stuff that is backed up with evidence stories are never evidence, I never said nothing happened in basel it very well might have but we have zero evidence anything did happen.  
Comment icon #60 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 18 days ago
Well, it's more that I don't dismiss any of it if doesn't fit a narrative. You're very rigid, true. Breakthroughs don't come from that type of thinking. Many of the older sightings cannot be easily dismissed..flying red and black orbs fighting each other on 3 days weeks apart in the 1500's and you say 'sorry zero evidence'. It doesn't wash.  It highlights, in one way, the issues around the science/ evidence brigade on here. It's boring. The brighter, intriguing question for.many is, what were they? Where are they from? Alien? Earth based?
Comment icon #61 Posted by medes 18 days ago
I counted three at its front a hatch up top and three or four flat legs, which means that it isn't a weather balloon, is disk or oval shaped and relatively small. Probably a mad scientist having a joyride, move on.
Comment icon #62 Posted by medes 18 days ago
It means the so called leaked evil alien wanting to murder anything available ideal is working. I would prefer to stay with the gray alien family going to the beach with two moons in the sky one.  
Comment icon #63 Posted by astrobeing 17 days ago
That would make it a spacecraft, right?
Comment icon #64 Posted by Resume 17 days ago
There's UFOs over New York And I ain't too surprised . . .    J. Lennon.

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