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Nature & Environment

Weird 'skeletal' insect filmed in Costa Rica

 VIDEO  3-20-2020 | 7

Antonieta Mora had been out gathering fruit when she captured footage of this bizarre skeleton-like insect.

Science & Technology

Superheated lava once reached Earth's surface

5-24-2017 | 0

Scientists have determined that 1,600-degree lava once surged to the surface in what is now Costa Rica.

Space & Astronomy

Meteor filmed soaring over erupting volcano

 VIDEO  1-2-2017 | 2

The impressive spectacle was caught on camera over the erupting Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Has a live dodo been caught on camera ?

 VIDEO  3-14-2015 | 140

A video has appeared online showing what looks like a dodo in trail camera footage from Costa Rica.

Nature & Environment

Bananas under threat from bugs and disease

12-17-2013 | 10

Costa Rica is among several countries to have been affected as banana supplies continue to dwindle.

Science & Technology

Scientists grow edible insects

2-5-2010 | 17

Insects are being grown in Costa Rica for the purpose of eating them in work inspired by practices in Africa.

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