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Archaeology & History

Oldest known drawing of a ghost discovered

10-22-2021 | 1

A depiction of a ghost dating back 3,500 years has been found deep in the vaults of the British Museum.

Modern Mysteries

Leonardo da Vinci drawing sells for $12 million

7-10-2021 | 7

Drawn by the Maestro himself, the small sketch of a bear's head has sold for a record-breaking sum.

Modern Mysteries

Woman finds creepy drawing hidden in kitchen

5-23-2021 | 24

A woman who had been looking for her cat found a mysterious hole with a strange drawing hidden inside it.


Virgin Mary chalk drawing reappears 13 yrs on

 VIDEO  10-14-2020 | 108

A chalk drawing of the Virgin Mary has mysteriously reappeared 13 years after it had faded away.

Space & Astronomy

Voyager 2 is back online after power glitch

2-3-2020 | 9

The long-lived spacecraft went into fault protection mode last week after unexpectedly drawing too much power.

Archaeology & History

143 new Nazca geoglyphs discovered in Peru

 VIDEO  11-19-2019 | 25

Researchers have used an artificial intelligence to identity previously unseen drawings on the desert floor.

Archaeology & History

Nazca bird geoglyphs depict 'exotic' species

6-22-2019 | 53

A new study has reignited the debate over the mysterious line drawings and why they were created.


Early human hunting linked to drawing ability

2-11-2018 | 4

The way our ancestors hunted prey may have given them a significant advantage over the Neanderthals.

Space & Astronomy

ISS may be de-orbited over the South Pacific

5-7-2017 | 26

Scientists at NASA have been drawing up plans for the demolition of the International Space Station.

Archaeology & History

Indonesia rock art dates back 40,000 years

 VIDEO  10-9-2014 | 4

Ancient cave drawings found in Indonesia show that early Europeans weren't the only ones creating art.

World of the Bizarre

Woman gains drawing ability after head injury

3-21-2014 | 11

Up until the accident Pip Taylor was almost completely useless at drawing and sketching.

Archaeology & History

Ancient cave drawings discovered in Brazil

11-9-2013 | 6

Wildlife researchers came across the prehistoric rock-art while searching for white-lipped peccaries.


Cavemen excelled at drawing animals

12-8-2012 | 19

Early cave-dwellers were better able to depict animals in drawings than their modern counterparts.

Science & Technology

Da Vinci anatomical drawings go on display

5-1-2012 | 10

A new exhibition will showcase Leonardo Da Vinci's remarkably accurate drawings of the human body.


Dino drawing or mud stain: proof of creation?

3-28-2011 | 84

A controversial cave drawing has spurred debate on whether or not it constitutes proof of creationism.

Archaeology & History

Ancient language mystery deepens

8-12-2010 | 7

Mystery surrounds a series of drawings and symbols on a Pictish tablet that could be an ancient language.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Nessie in Italian attic mystery

4-11-2010 | 12

A mysterious charcoal drawing thought to be by MC Escher has turned up in Italy that shows the Loch Ness Monster.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Why vampires couldn't exist

5-11-2009 | 55

A paper has been published demonstrating the impossibility of the concept of vampires, drawing upon the fact that if vam...

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