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Modern Mysteries

Mystery radiation detected across Europe

11-13-2011 | 29

Nuclear officials are trying to locate the source of mysterious radiation picked up in Europe this week.

Space & Astronomy

ESA planning ambitious mission to the Sun

10-5-2011 | 11

The European Space Agency will send a spacecraft to within 42 million km of our star.

Science & Technology

15-year-old girl receives bionic fingers

8-21-2011 | 8

Chloe Holmes is the youngest person in Europe to receive the artificial fingers costing £38,000.

Space & Astronomy

ESA and Russia for manned Mars mission

8-19-2011 | 27

The European Space Agency have announced that they are planning a manned trip to Mars with Russia.

Archaeology & History

Huge network of Stone Age tunnels found

8-6-2011 | 75

A vast network of neolithic tunnels built 12,000 years ago would have criss-crossed the UK and Europe.

Space & Astronomy

Habitable planet found 20 lights years away

5-18-2011 | 171

European scientists have declared a nearby planet with Earth-like conditions to be habitable.

Space & Astronomy

US and Europe plan new supply ship

5-6-2011 | 2

ESA and NASA may be working together to develop a new automated space station supply vessel.

Science & Technology

Herbal remedies to be banned in Europe

12-31-2010 | 40

The EU is to ban hundreds of herbal medicines from next year due to concerns over adverse effects.

Archaeology & History

Americans reached Europe 1000 years ago

11-21-2010 | 31

Scientists believe Americans reached Europe over 500 years before Columbus reached America.

Science & Technology

Columbus cleared of importing syphilis

10-28-2010 | 5

Christopher Columbus has been cleared of taking syphilis with him back to Europe from the Americas.

Science & Technology

Testing a robot designed to hit people

10-15-2010 | 18

A European lab is home to an experiment in which a robot has been designed to hit people.

Nature & Environment

Fish that suckles its young discovered

9-30-2010 | 8

Biologists have discovered a remarkable fish, the European eelpout, that suckles its young.

Space & Astronomy

First image of entire universe revealed

7-6-2010 | 31

The first ever image of the entire universe has been put together from pictures taken by Europe's Planck telescope.

Space & Astronomy

Could Venus have ever supported life ?

6-27-2010 | 3

The European Space Agency's Venus Express spacecraft is helping to determine if Venus ever had oceans.

The UFO Phenomenon

Official EU request made to release UFO files

6-24-2010 | 10

European Union official Mario Borghezio has put forward a request to EU governments for UFO disclosure.

Space & Astronomy

Space agencies plan Europa and Jupiter mission

3-9-2010 | 7

NASA and the European Space Agency have drawn up plans for a mission to Jupiter and Europa in 2020.

Science & Technology

Homeopathy is Europe's leading alternative medicine

3-4-2010 | 9

A number of surveys have shown that homeopathy is the most popular alternative medicine in Europe.

Space & Astronomy

New telescope reveals breahtaking nebula

2-14-2010 | 9

The European Southern Observatory’s new VISTA telescope has revealed stunning images of the Orion nebula.


Searching for life on Europa

2-6-2010 | 5

Last year NASA and the European Space Agency announced plans for a joint effort to seek out life on Jupiter's moon Europa.

Nature & Environment

Feeding birds 'changes evolution'

12-27-2009 | 16

Researchers have revealed that the act of putting food out for the birds can result in a whole new evolutionary path. Eu...

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