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Science & Technology

'Lost world' of mountains hidden under our feet

2-15-2019 | 6

Vast mountains that could be taller than Mt Everest are thought to exist hundreds of miles beneath the ground.

World of the Bizarre

Climbers turn Mt Everest in to a rubbish dump

6-19-2018 | 19

The world-famous mountain has ended up covered in discarded rubbish thanks to careless climbing parties.

Science & Technology

Nepal launches new bid to measure Mt Everest

6-18-2017 | 1

The Department of Survey is aiming to find out just how tall the world's tallest mountain actually is.

Science & Technology

Mount Everest's 'Hillary Step' is destroyed

5-21-2017 | 8

The infamous rocky outcrop was the last great challenge for mountaineers aiming to reach the summit.

Science & Technology

Did Nepal earthquake shrink Mount Everest ?

1-25-2017 | 8

Scientists are set to launch a new expedition to find out if the world's tallest mountain has shrunk.

Science & Technology

Is Everest really Earth's tallest mountain ?

5-18-2016 | 9

According to scientists, Chimborazo in Ecuador is actually quite a bit taller than Mount Everest.

Science & Technology

Nepal earthquake actually moved Everest

6-16-2015 | 4

The world's tallest mountain was shifted three centimeters by the earthquake that struck in April.

Space & Astronomy

Europa could be home to 200km high geysers

12-13-2013 | 16

Geysers on Jupiter's icy moon Europa may reach heights 20 times greater than that of Mount Everest.

Science & Technology

Mount Everest glaciers are shrinking

7-19-2010 | 37

Glaciers on Mount Everest have been shrinking over the last 80 years according to new photographs of the region.

Space & Astronomy

Rocks from moon and Everest to fly to ISS

1-8-2010 |

Rocks collected from the top of Mount Everest and the moon are to be flown in to space as a symbol of NASA's future explorations.

World of the Bizarre

British cricketers to play on Everest

4-14-2009 | 8

A 50-strong expedition is on its way to Mount Everest complete with cricket bats, pads and even a pitch in an effort to ...

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