Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Ancient Mysteries

Uri Geller says he knows where the Ark of the Covenant is

1-6-2022 | 26

The Israeli spoon bender is no stranger to making 'out there' claims, as evidenced by this most recent example.


Scientists examine dinosaur's fossilized butt

1-25-2021 | 5

A new study has revealed, for the first time, the detailed characteristics and functionality of a dinosaur's rear end.

Science & Technology

First active sea-bed methane leak discovered

7-23-2020 | 10

Scientists have identified what is believed to be the first example of methane leaking from the sea floor.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious radio burst repeats every 16 days

 VIDEO  2-11-2020 | 57

Astronomers have discovered the first known example of a fast radio burst that repeats in a steady cycle.

Natural World

Largest example of world's largest flower found

1-4-2020 | 7

Conservationists in Indonesia have identified what is thought to be the single largest flower ever recorded.


Students made to wear boxes during an exam

9-2-2019 | 13

A school in Mexico has come under fire after a teacher made the students wear boxes in a bid to deter cheating.


Cave girl was half Neanderthal, half Denisovan

8-23-2018 | 6

Scientists have identified the first known example of first-generation interbreeding between two extinct hominins.


Beaker the Muppet has been spotted on Mars

8-17-2018 | 11

NASA has posted up an amusing example of pareidolia found in a photograph taken using its HiRISE camera.


'Unsolvable' exam question stumps the Internet

1-31-2018 | 14

A question recently posed to primary school students in China has left social media users scratching their heads.

Ancient Mysteries

Roman Tantalus bowl was a practical joke

1-1-2018 | 0

Researchers have identified what is thought to be the earliest known example of a physical practical joke.

Ancient Mysteries

Oldest known astrolabe found in shipwreck

10-25-2017 | 2

Marine archaeologists have discovered the earliest known example of an astrolabe navigation tool.

Natural World

Conjoined bat twins discovered in rainforest

7-28-2017 | 2

The extremely rare find is one of only a few examples of conjoined twins ever seen outside of humans.

Ancient Mysteries

Metallic ink found in Herculaneum scrolls

3-25-2016 | 12

Scrolls from the time of the volcanic disaster that buried Pompeii have been examined by scientists.

Science & Technology

New super-powerful microscope unveiled

2-19-2015 | 10

The SuperSTEM 3 is capable of examining objects a million times smaller than a human hair.


Does religion make people more moral ?

9-13-2014 | 259

A new study has examined how religious and political affiliations affect how we perceive morality.

Space & Astronomy

Water detected in exoplanet's atmosphere

3-15-2013 | 17

Astronomers have conducted the most detailed examination yet of a Jupiter-sized planet's atmosphere.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Police to re-examine evidence of psychics

5-8-2012 | 26

Calls from psychics offering clues about the Madeleine McCann case are to be investigated by police.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient map gives clue to fate of lost colony

5-5-2012 | 9

New examination of a 425-year-old map offers a clue to an enduring mystery - the fate of Roanoke Colony.


Analytic thinking can undermine belief

4-29-2012 | 31

A new study has examined the connection between intuitive thought, analytical thinking and religion.

The UFO Phenomenon

Experts examine Russian 'UFO fragment'

3-22-2012 | 45

Space experts have been investigating a strange metallic object that fell from the sky over Siberia.

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