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Students made to wear boxes during an exam

September 2, 2019 | Comment icon 13 comments

Is this really the best way to stop cheating during an exam ? Image Credit: Facebook
A school in Mexico has come under fire after a teacher made the students wear boxes in a bid to deter cheating.
Campus director Luis Juarez Texis of the College of Bachelors in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala has been accused of 'humiliating' his students and violating their basic human rights by making them put cardboard boxes on their heads to prevent them from looking at each other's papers.

A photograph of the class later went viral after some of the parents shared it on social media.

"We denounce these acts of humiliation, physical, emotional and psychological violence, to which the students of Campus 01 El Sabinal, Tlaxcala, are subjected," they wrote.
"As parents concerned about the academic training of our children, we beg the federal and state educational authorities and institutions that ensure the rights of young people to act immediately."

The incident echoes a similar case in Thailand in 2013 when students were forced to wear special "anti-cheating" helmets made out of sheets of paper.

Despite the parents' outrage however, many social media users have congratulated the school on finding an efficient way to ensure that its students don't cheat during exams.

It remains to be seen whether or not the teacher will be taken to task over the incident.

Source: Mexico Daily News | Comments (13)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by RoofGardener 2 years ago
My teacher had a 50-calibre belt fed machine gun mounted at the front of the class to deter cheating. It was harsh, but effective !†
Comment icon #5 Posted by Mantis914 2 years ago
As a testing proctor in a previous job,†I had college students come out and say I'm lying when they were blatantly cheating and I would see them physically looking at another student's screen so I'm not at all opposed to this idea of boxes.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Hawken 2 years ago
This gives a whole new meaning to, Box Your Ears. The older generation might know what I'm talking about.
Comment icon #7 Posted by OverSword 2 years ago
Violation of their human rights? People are way too sensitive. I had a few crazy teachers.
Comment icon #8 Posted by third_eye 2 years ago
I believe this is one of those thinking out of the box kinda test...† ~
Comment icon #9 Posted by freetoroam 2 years ago
If i were one of those teens I would see it as funny. Violation of their† human rights is just stupid. Their right to what - cheat? As this is why they were made to wear the boxes in the first place, because there had†obviously been a problem with the children cheating.† Part of their human rights does not include to cheat during an exam.†
Comment icon #10 Posted by Gwynbleidd 2 years ago
You just said what I was thinking @freetoroam I'll bet the kids had a hoot wearing boxes on their heads.† I know I would've thought it was hilarious!† Maybe I'm just weird though. †
Comment icon #11 Posted by Impedancer 2 years ago
First Botox now bobox eh†
Comment icon #12 Posted by Impedancer 2 years ago
Gym teacher made us play dodgeball talk about violation of human rights. ;-)
Comment icon #13 Posted by Tom1200 2 years ago
Wish I could up-vote your comment a million times.† "I DEMAND my right to edukashun!† I DEMAND my right to pass exams!† I DEMAND my right to kwalifikashuns!† I DEMAND my right to a cool car an†a penthouse in Mayfair.† An†a maid an†a†showfur.† Wot - I av to pay for them?† I DEMAND my right to lots ov money!"

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