Friday, May 24, 2024
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Man claims to have found his daughter 'playing with Bigfoot' in the woods

5-19-2024 | 30

An intriguing story recently surfaced that describes a very close encounter with an alleged Bigfoot in California.


Conspiracy theorist claims 'demons' are responsible for UFO sightings

5-13-2024 | 28

Bart Sibrel was famously punched in the face by astronaut Buzz Aldrin after heckling him over the Moon landings.


Scientists reconstruct face of a Neanderthal dating back 75,000 years

 VIDEO  5-12-2024 | 10

The face of a Neanderthal woman has been painstakingly recreated from skull fragments found in Kurdistan.

Science & Technology

Man suffering from very rare condition sees 'demon' faces everywhere

3-26-2024 | 4

'Demon face syndrome' is a very real, but rare, condition that causes sufferers to see demonic faces on ordinary people.

Science & Technology

Video shows Neuralink brain chip recipient playing chess 'telepathically'

 VIDEO  3-21-2024 | 10

For the first time, footage has emerged showing the capabilities of Elon Musk's Neuralink brain-computer interface chip.

Modern Mysteries

Monolith mystery resurfaces as new structure shows up in Wales

3-12-2024 | 0

Four years on from the appearance of several mysterious monoliths, another has suddenly shown up on a Welsh hill.

Space & Astronomy

Tardigrades in space: could they have colonized the Moon ?

3-3-2024 | 14

Back in 2019, a space probe carrying a cargo of live tardigrades crash-landed on the lunar surface.

Archaeology & History

The face of Dante, the man behind the nine circles of Hell, is revealed

3-1-2024 | 4

A new facial reconstruction has revealed, for the first time, the true face of the writer, poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri.

Nature & Environment

Scientists discover weird black eggs 3.7 miles beneath the ocean's surface

2-8-2024 | 1

The discovery provides further proof of life's ability to thrive in extremely deep, high-pressure environments.

Science & Technology

Neuralink brain chip has been implanted in a human for the first time

1-30-2024 | 17

Elon Musk's ambitious brain-computer interface startup has carried out its first ever human brain implant procedure.

World of the Bizarre

Star Trek Starfleet logo spotted by Curiosity rover on Mars

1-25-2024 | 1

NASA's decade-old rover recently spotted something rather familiar while trundling across the surface of the Red Planet.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's next two Artemis Moon missions have been delayed again

1-14-2024 | 5

We may have to wait a little bit longer than originally planned to witness the next human stepping foot on the lunar surface.


Scientists reconstruct the face of the infamous 'Piltdown Man'

1-4-2024 | 1

This is what Piltdown Man would have looked like if he didn't also happen to be one of the world's most infamous hoaxes.

Space & Astronomy

Could there be alien life forms hidden beneath the surface of Mercury ?

12-7-2023 | 1

A groundbreaking new study has indicated that there could be habitable salt glaciers situated beneath the planet's surface.

Science & Technology

Surgeons successfully conduct world's first whole-eye transplant

11-11-2023 | 4

Military veteran Aaron James had lost his eye and half of his face in a high-voltage electrical accident.

Space & Astronomy

Evidence of proto-planet 'Theia' found deep inside Earth's mantle

11-2-2023 | 9

The findings could not only solve the mystery of the Moon's formation, but also the mystery of two large subsurface 'blobs'.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Juno spacecraft photographs creepy 'face' on Jupiter

10-27-2023 | 8

Just in time for Halloween, NASA has posted up an image of an eerie-looking formation in the gas giant's atmosphere.

Science & Technology

What exactly is intelligence and could it really be an ethical liability ?

10-14-2023 | 7

Richard van Oort takes a look at intelligence and its role in the existential threats that our civilization currently faces.

Science & Technology

Pregnant women could help to solve the mysteries of pareidolia

10-1-2023 | 1

Pareidolia is the brain's tendency to perceive meaningful shapes in abstract patterns, such as seeing faces in the clouds.

Science & Technology

Deepest virus ever found discovered in Mariana Trench

9-27-2023 | 5

Scientists have identified a virus that lives in the sediment some 8,900 meters beneath the surface of the ocean.

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