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Science & Technology

Scientist suggests that humans could theoretically live for 20,000 years

8-9-2023 | 19

A professor of molecular biogerontology has indicated that humans could potentially live for much longer than we do now.

Science & Technology

Futurist predicts that we will achieve immortality within just 8 years

3-26-2023 | 24

Computer scientist Ray Kurzweil is certainly no stranger to making predictions about technology and the future.

Science & Technology

Could anti-aging technology produce immortal trillionaires?

1-9-2023 | 34

If it's possible to slow down or stop the aging process, chances are it's the richest among us who will be the first to take advantage.

Science & Technology

Jeff Bezos' new startup company aims to cheat death

1-21-2022 | 23

The billionaire entrepreneur is channeling his money into an attempt to develop immortality technology.

Science & Technology

Immortality industry 'worth $600bn' by 2025

5-20-2019 | 8

The Bank of America has predicted that extending the human lifespan will soon become a major pursuit.

Archaeology & History

2,000-year-old pot contains 'elixir of immortality'

3-5-2019 | 11

Archaeologists in China have unearthed an ancient bronze vessel containing a rather curious concoction.

Science & Technology

Russian billionaire: 'I will live forever'

 VIDEO  3-15-2016 | 44

Dmitry Itskov maintains that he will live forever by uploading his consciousness in to a robotic body.

Nature & Environment

Scientists find life form that lives forever

12-24-2015 | 22

A group of invertebrates known as hydra have the unique ability to regenerate themselves indefinitely.

Science & Technology

Deleting genes could extend human lifespan

10-12-2015 | 10

Scientists have identified a potential new way of extending human longevity by up to 60 percent.

Science & Technology

Genetic switch could halt the aging process

7-26-2015 | 22

Scientists may have found a way to halt aging in humans by discovering a way to do it in worms.

Science & Technology

Is it possible to live to the age of 1,000 ?

4-15-2015 | 70

Gerontologist Aubrey de Grey believes that the first person to live to 1,000 is already alive today.

Science & Technology

Are lobsters the key to immortality ?

9-16-2013 | 38

Scientists are attempting to learn the secret to immortality through an enzyme found in lobsters.

Nature & Environment

Secrets of the immortal jellyfish

12-1-2012 | 17

Could the secret to immortality be found within a particularly unusual species of jellyfish ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

University receives $5M to study afterlife

8-9-2012 | 35

Professor John Martin Fischer will be heading a research initiative called 'The Immortality Project'.

Science & Technology

Dmitry Itskov plans immortality by 2045

7-30-2012 | 25

The Russian mogul has set in motion a plan to achieve cybernetic immortality within 33 years.

Science & Technology

Immortality only 20 years away ?

9-23-2009 | 58

Scientist Ray Kurzweil has claimed that immortality will be a possibility within as little as 20 years due to advancemen...

Science & Technology

'Immortality' for £10 a week

3-31-2009 | 20

More and more people are having their bodies cryogenically frozen after death in the hope that one day they can be reviv...

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