Monday, August 15, 2022
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Science & Technology

AI creates chilling images of the end of the world

 VIDEO  7-31-2022 | 14

An AI capable of creating images of anything simply by requesting it has had a go at imagining 'the last selfie ever taken'.


New evidence of early campfires dates back 1 million years

6-20-2022 | 5

Scientists have used an artificial intelligence to analyze evidence that early humans were making fire 1 million years ago.


China claims it has picked up alien signals, then deletes report

6-15-2022 | 50

China's 'Sky Eye' telescope has picked up possible evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.


CIA has been spying on Americans (again)

2-12-2022 | 15

The Central Intelligence Agency has reportedly been collecting data as part of a previously undisclosed program.

The UFO Phenomenon

German university's camera system is designed to detect UFOs

2-9-2022 | 26

The SkyCAM-5 camera system uses artificial intelligence to spot unidentified aerial phenomena.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Director of National Intelligence discusses UFOs

11-13-2021 | 11

Avril Haines spoke out about the possibility of extraterrestrial threats during a recent event.

The UFO Phenomenon

Whistleblower: 'pilots who pursued UFOs got radiation burns'

11-11-2021 | 23

A former intelligence officer has described the physical symptoms experienced by US Navy pilots.

Science & Technology

Could AI be the future of crime solving ?

8-25-2021 | 4

Artificial intelligence can now help experts analyze footprints - and it has the potential to go much further.

Science & Technology

World governments are embracing AI big time

7-19-2021 | 11

Despite concerns over where it could lead, artificial intelligence - for better or worse - is here to stay.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO whistleblower speaks out on resignation

6-30-2021 | 54

Former intelligence official Luis Elizondo spoke on a recent TV interview about exactly why he resigned.


Alien AI 'could be billions of years old'

4-6-2021 | 120

A NASA philosopher maintains that an ancient extraterrestrial artificial intelligence might already exist.

The UFO Phenomenon

US military has evidence of supersonic UFOs

3-22-2021 | 64

Former intelligence chief John Ratcliffe claims that the US has evidence of objects moving at extreme speeds.

Science & Technology

AI learns how to play old platform games

2-28-2021 | 9

New computer algorithms designed to beat old 80s platformers could help robots navigate your home.

Natural World

Young ravens are as intelligent as adult apes

12-14-2020 | 11

Scientists have revealed that four-month-old ravens possess a remarkably high level of animal intelligence.


Results of ET technosignatures survey revealed

9-8-2020 | 37

Astronomers in Australia have conducted the deepest and widest ever search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Science & Technology

Oldest ever video footage is remastered in 4K

 VIDEO  8-22-2020 | 6

A historic piece of video footage recorded 132 years ago has been enhanced using artificial intelligence.

The UFO Phenomenon

Intelligence Committee requests report on UFOs

6-25-2020 | 17

US officials have asked the Pentagon to provide a full, unclassified report on the UFO phenomenon.


What are the odds of intelligent life emerging ?

5-19-2020 | 179

A new study has calculated the most likely odds of life, as well as intelligence, emerging on other worlds.

The UFO Phenomenon

French intelligence officer speaks out on UFOs

4-24-2020 | 25

A former French intelligence director has made the claim that UFOs could be coming from parallel worlds.

The UFO Phenomenon

Declassified file sheds light on Soviet-era UFO

1-11-2020 | 13

A recently declassified CIA intelligence report has helped to shed new light on a 50-year-old UFO mystery.

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