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Group sues Biden and National Archives over JFK assassination files

10-21-2022 | 43

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is attempting to force the release of 16,000 records relating to JFK's murder.


Release of classified JFK assassination files delayed

10-25-2021 | 23

Sensitive classified documents pertaining to the assassination of John F Kennedy had been due for release.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery call was received before JFK was shot

10-28-2017 | 7

A British newspaper received a strange phone call a mere 25 minutes before Kennedy's assassination.

Science & Technology

Earliest known recording of JFK revealed

5-11-2017 | 3

The recording, which was made when Kennedy was 20, has been released by archivists at Harvard University.


Did Monroe plan to reveal JFK UFO visit ?

4-18-2014 | 33

New evidence seems to support the authenticity of a particularly controversial declassified CIA document.

World of the Bizarre

JFK's Dallas hearse up for sale

1-19-2012 | 12

The hearse used to transport the late President John F. Kennedy will go up for sale for the third time.


Did Oswald act alone in JFK assassination ?

11-20-2011 | 79

Historians and retired Secret Service officers have confirmed that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

The UFO Phenomenon

Secret memo reveals JFK interest in UFOs

4-19-2011 | 167

President John F Kennedy requested information on UFOs just ten days before he was assassinated.

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