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Archaeology & History

Graves belonging to the Knights Templar found in Staffordshire

8-16-2023 | 3

The intriguing find has been likened to something out of Dan Brown's novel 'The Da Vinci Code'.

Archaeology & History

What really became of the Knights Templar ?

12-31-2019 | 8

This enigmatic order has remained at the center of conspiracy theories and historical debates for centuries.

Modern Mysteries

Sword may have belonged to Knights Templar

6-21-2019 | 13

A sword discovered 30 years ago in a cave has turned out to be a lot more significant than previously thought.

Archaeology & History

Why did the Knights Templar live so long ?

4-10-2016 | 21

Researchers have revealed the most likely reason why the enigmatic order had such a high life expectancy.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery spiral discovered near Coventry

9-19-2014 | 17

A historian came across the pattern on Google Earth while conducting research on the Knights Templar.

Archaeology & History

Lincoln Cathedral: Battle of light and dark

6-5-2009 | 0

Dan Green takes a trip back to Lincoln Cathedral and revisits the "Lincoln Cathedral Code", the building's association w...


Knights Templar hid the Turin Shroud

4-8-2009 | 26

The Shroud of Turin's missing years appear to have been accounted for, the Vatican has claimed that the Knights Templar ...

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