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World of the Bizarre

London skyscraper is melting cars

9-8-2013 | 21

The building focuses sunlight so intensely that the reflection is capable of warping and damaging metal.

Science & Technology

Test tube burger to go on sale for £250,000

7-29-2013 | 21

The world's first in vitro beef burger is to be sold at a London restaurant to those who can afford it.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilots spot UFOs over UK Scientology base

6-9-2013 | 23

Visual and radar sightings of 'silver discs' have been reported near London's Gatwick Airport.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Miley Cyrus recalls paranormal experience

5-10-2013 | 70

The actress and singer has recounted a strange encounter with a curious spook at a London apartment.

Nature & Environment

Egg from extinct bird sells for $101,813

4-25-2013 | 15

The partly fossilized elephant bird egg was snapped up at a London auction for double its estimate.

Archaeology & History

Workers unearth 'Black Death' plague pit

3-15-2013 | 47

More than a dozen skeletons have been discovered buried underneath a busy part of central London.

Science & Technology

Inventing a computer that never crashes

2-19-2013 | 54

Researchers at University College London have created a computer that can repair and reprogram itself.


Alien invasion hoax hinted for Olympics

7-6-2012 | 53

Rumours and conspiracy theories are abound in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The UFO Phenomenon

Nick Pope warns of UFOs at the Olympics

6-10-2012 | 111

Former MoD investigator Nick Pope has warned of potential UFO activity over London during the Olympics.

World of the Bizarre

Bookies take on bizarre bets for Olympics

6-2-2012 | 25

Bookmakers have been accepting some rather unusual bets for the upcoming London Olympic Games.

World of the Bizarre

Museum to exhibit invisible artwork

5-22-2012 | 35

London's Hayward Gallery is to break the mould by putting several piece of 'invisible' art on display.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO filmed over Thames estuary

 VIDEO  2-13-2012 | 35

Footage of strange lights in the sky over London has generated great interest online this week.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Yeti finger' DNA test results revealed

12-27-2011 | 59

A finger from the Pangboche hand said to be that of a Yeti has been DNA tested in London.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery creature reported at Olympic Park

12-14-2011 | 25

Experts are baffled by a mystery creature on the loose in the waters surrounding London's Olympic Park.

World of the Bizarre

World's first urine-controlled video game

11-28-2011 | 21

A video game installed at a London bar has made using the facilities a little more entertaining.

Science & Technology

London to Sydney in just two hours ?

10-4-2011 | 13

Michiel Mol and airline KLM are joining forces to develop a 13,750mph passenger spacecraft.

World of the Bizarre

Council places "keep off" sign on tiny verge

7-22-2011 | 22

The London council has been quizzed over its bizarre use of "keep off the grass" signs.

Science & Technology

3,000mph hypersonic plane unveiled

6-20-2011 | 17

Plans have been unveiled for a hypersonic plane capable of flying from London to Tokyo in 2 hours.

World of the Bizarre

Sweet shop stocks up on bizarre treats

1-28-2011 | 13

Fancy a cheese and bacon flavoured Kit Kat? This London shop has this and more besides.

Space & Astronomy

UK Space Agency launched in London

3-24-2010 |

The UK's own space agency has been launched and will take over responsibility for the country's space activities.

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