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Ghosts & Hauntings

Real-life 'Conjuring' house to host New Year's Eve ghost hunt

 VIDEO  12-28-2023 | 0

This remote Rhode Island house has been home to all manner of unexplained occurrences over the years.


Could the dinosaurs be the reason why humans don't live for 200 years?

12-21-2023 | 1

Could our evolutionary history during the time of the dinosaurs have determined how long we live ?

Modern Mysteries

Fisherman trawled up possible wing of MH370 off coast of Australia in 2014

12-20-2023 | 3

An Australian fisherman has come forward to reveal that he had discovered the wing of a commercial airliner.

World of the Bizarre

Man wants to send his DNA to the Moon so that aliens can clone him

12-19-2023 | 10

Physicist Prof Kenneth Ohm is one of a growing number of people hoping to have their remains sent to the Moon when they die.


Neanderthal genes could explain why some people are early birds

12-18-2023 | 5

Interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals could account for why some of us are predisposed to be early birds.

Space & Astronomy

Jeff Bezos: trillions of humans could one day live in giant space stations

12-17-2023 | 13

The billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Blue Origin envisages a future in which most people live in outer space.

Science & Technology

Tesla unveils second generation of its humanoid Optimus robot

 VIDEO  12-14-2023 | 7

The impressive new robot is even more capable than its predecessor as well as being both faster and lighter.

Modern Mysteries

Man discovers two creepy secret doors hidden inside his hotel room

12-12-2023 | 13

A man who had been staying at a hotel uncovered something rather disturbing at the back of one of the wardrobes.

Nature & Environment

If humans all vanished overnight, what would happen to our dogs ?

12-10-2023 | 24

How would our canine companions fare if all the humans in the world suddenly disappeared ?

World of the Bizarre

Pastor in India tricks woman into buying box with 'magic powers'

12-8-2023 | 7

The box, which saw the victim scammed out of $400,000, was said to provide great fortune and good luck.


30% of Mexican 'alien' mummies' DNA is from an 'unknown species'

12-1-2023 | 538

Jaime Maussan is back in the limelight once again, this time claiming that the mummies are 'definitely not human'.

World of the Bizarre

Man with constant headaches found to have chopsticks stuck in his skull

11-29-2023 | 7

A man from Vietnam was recently shocked to discover the horrifying reason for his unexplained headaches.

The UFO Phenomenon

Yorkshire police UFO files include case of 'woman beamed into sky'

11-25-2023 | 9

West Yorkshire Police claim to have received over 1,800 cases pertaining to UFOs within the space of just three years.

Space & Astronomy

Is our universe one of a countless number that exist within a multiverse?

11-14-2023 | 6

Many physicists assume that we must be living in a multiverse - but their basic maths may be wrong.

Science & Technology

Scientists are building a device that can induce lucid dreams on demand

11-12-2023 | 7

A new technology startup hopes to offer a wearable consumer device that can enable anyone to have lucid dreams.

The UFO Phenomenon

Air Force officer recounts mass sighting of red, glowing UFO

11-10-2023 | 23

Ex-USAF senior patrolman Jeff Nuccetelli recently recounted the experience in a podcast interview.

World of the Bizarre

Strange green 'slime' emerges from manhole covers in New York City

11-6-2023 | 11

The bizarre scene looked like something out of an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Does our perception of time slow down during a near-death experience ?

11-5-2023 | 1

Psychologist Ruth Ogden takes a closer look at how the human mind perceives the passage of time.

Space & Astronomy

Evidence of proto-planet 'Theia' found deep inside Earth's mantle

11-2-2023 | 9

The findings could not only solve the mystery of the Moon's formation, but also the mystery of two large subsurface 'blobs'.

World of the Bizarre

Man who drinks blood and burns easily claims to be a real-life vampire

10-31-2023 | 17

A 43-year-old self-proclaimed vampire who goes by the name 'Ludavik' maintains that he is the real deal.

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