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Canada's best-documented UFO case still intrigues 57 years on

By T.K. Randall
April 17, 2024 · Comment icon 7 comments
Stan Michalak UFO drawing.
Michalak's sketch of the object. Image Credit: Stan Michalak
Almost six decades ago, a chilling encounter with an unidentified object left one man with physical injuries.
On May 20th, 1967, Stephen Michalak had been searching for pecious metals along the shores of Falcon Lake, Manitoba when he was alerted to the presence of two strange glowing oval-shaped objects hovering around 45 meters away from him.

After descending rapidly toward the ground, one of the objects stopped in the air while the other continued its descent until it came down on a flat rocky outcropping a short distance away.

Curious, Michalak walked over to investigate. He estimated that the object, which had the appearance of a bowl with a dome on top, measured approximately 40ft across and 15ft in height.

He noted that he could hear muffled voices coming from what looked like a door on the lower half.

Believing the object to be of terrestrial origin, he called out and asked if the occupants needed help. When he failed to get an answer, he poked his head through the door, reporting a "maze of lights."
At that moment, startled by a panel sliding open on the wall, he stepped back, grabbing the exterior of the craft as he did so. This turned out to be a mistake as it was so hot that he burnt his gloves.

Then, without warning, the entire craft started to rise into the air, expelling a plume of extremely hot air that set Michalak's shirt on fire and left him feeling acutely nauseous.

A later medical examination revealed burn patterns on his body consistent with his story.

For the remainder of his life, Michalak maintained that what he had encountered was some sort of experimental aircraft and remained adamant that he had never claimed that it was alien in origin.

He died in 1999, never knowing the truth behind what it was that he saw that day.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Trelane 1 month ago
"Canada's best-documented UFO case still intrigues 57 years on" Intrigues who? FFS, no one actually believes this do they? "Claims: Physical Evidence of Steve Michalak's Falcon Lake UFO Incident" "Skeptics of the Falcon Lake UFO Incident state that Michalak's burns were as a result of an accident stemming from alcohol use, and that his claim was in order to hide their cause. In reporting the incident, Michalak would potentially dissuade any competitors from prospecting in his site. The ... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by WitchHearse 1 month ago
Have you seen the pictures of his wounds? The grill pattern doesn't match. Anyone with a brain can tell. He never once claimed aliens. Yeah makes total since oops i had an accident let me make up a story no one will believe and get harrassed till i die much better than i had an accident *rolls eyes. Why not say a bird like one of the cranes he saw knocked him over on to the grill? Thinking he made up the story he did while drunk  is more ridiculous than believing he saw some weird. Also have you ever been drunk? I have never myself or anyone i know have ever been extra creative while drunk it... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by Trelane 1 month ago
It's simply more of the recycling of very old items to try and garner clicks and views from younger folks who have zero knowledge of this stuff.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 1 month ago
I don't really believe it.  I can't explain his injury but who says that the injury was received on his trip into the woods?  
Comment icon #5 Posted by the13bats 1 month ago
irn skeptic I too first read this case as a credious kid but learned a bit as time passed,  I can put a few more hole in the case, anyone who has welded, not brazing know that welding shield glass will block the sun meaning "welding goggles" would be a rotten terrible choice for eye protection when playing geologist, you couldnt see your find, The glove had it melted or burned wouldn't have allowed his fingers injured. My grandmother raised me and she had a collection of mismatched trays, dishes etc she broght with her one tray would have matched what ever grid was used as a template to make ... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by cerberusxp 1 month ago
What we need here is Paul Harvey and "The rest of the story".
Comment icon #7 Posted by astrobeing 1 month ago
Oh yes. This story is funny because his hat was burned but he had no burned hair and two fingers of his glove were melted all the way through but the fingers didn't show any irritation from the heat. And he called a newspaper for help (?) but told them he didn't want them to publish anything about his story (???). He didn't plan this hoax very well.

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