Friday, January 27, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

Could the universe exist without mathematics ?

4-11-2022 | 186

Mathematics is such a fundamental part of our reality that it is difficult to imagine the universe existing without it.

Nature & Environment

Bees can do arithmetic, new study finds

2-7-2019 | 6

Scientists from Australia and France have determined that bees are capable of mastering basic maths skills.

Science & Technology

13% chance of doomsday, claims maths expert

11-25-2016 | 36

Dr Fergus Simpson maintains that humanity has a 13% chance of going extinct before the century is out.


How long could a big conspiracy really last ?

1-27-2016 | 70

A new maths study has suggested that it is very difficult to keep a conspiracy under wraps for long.

Science & Technology

New computer operates like the human brain

7-9-2015 | 3

A new brain-like computer called 'memcomputer' could help solve the world's most enduring maths problems.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Man becomes maths genius after head injury

4-21-2014 | 20

Jason Padgett became a mathematical genius overnight after an attacker punched him in the head.

Science & Technology

'Maths anxiety' can make preparations a pain

11-2-2012 | 9

Researchers have found that calculating costs at Christmas can cause genuine pain in some people.

Nature & Environment

Dolphins may be maths geniuses

7-23-2012 | 19

A new study suggests that dolphins may use complex nonlinear maths when hunting for fish.

Science & Technology

16-year-old solves Newton maths riddle

5-28-2012 | 17

Shouryya Ray has become the first person to solve a problem posed by Newton over 300 years ago.

Science & Technology

Current to the brain "boosts maths skills"

11-7-2010 | 8

Applying an electrical current to the brain can improve your ability to learn mathematics.

Science & Technology

'Hardest' maths problem 'solved'

8-12-2010 | 4

A computer scientist has solved one of the most difficult and complex mathematics problems in the world.

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