Friday, December 2, 2022
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Megalodon could swallow a great white shark whole

8-18-2022 | 5

The largest shark that ever lived would have put even the man-eating monster from 'Jaws' to shame.


Megalodons may have grown up to 20m long

6-9-2021 | 5

A new study has indicated that the largest shark that ever lived may have been even bigger than we thought.


Newborn megalodons were larger than a human

1-11-2021 | 1

The world's largest shark was over two meters long at birth thanks to its penchant for eating its siblings.


True scale of the Megalodon shark revealed

 VIDEO  9-3-2020 | 8

This gargantuan prehistoric shark was so large that a human standing on its back would be the size of its fin.


Was megalodon wiped out by a supernova ?

12-14-2018 | 23

A new study has suggested that the world's largest ever shark may have been wiped out by an exploding star.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Did megalodon teeth inspire monster myths ?

12-15-2016 | 32

The teeth of the largest shark in history may have influenced portrayals of a mythological sea monster.


Did competition for food wipe out Megalodon ?

4-1-2016 | 7

The largest shark that ever lived may have been driven to extinction by competition from other predators.


Megalodon teeth had built-in toothpaste

7-20-2015 | 12

The largest shark to ever live was able to eat whatever it wanted without having to worry about cavities.


Megalodon extinction gave whales a boost

10-24-2014 | 25

The disappearance of the world's biggest shark may have enabled whales to grow to huge sizes.

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