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Unexplained Mysteries
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Space & Astronomy

Microbes 'unknown to science' found on ISS

3-18-2021 | 12

Scientists have discovered three strains of bacteria on the orbiting outpost that have never been seen before.

Science & Technology

Dinosaur-era microbes brought back to life

 VIDEO  7-31-2020 | 10

Scientists have successfully revived microbes found in sediment samples that are over 100 million years old.

Science & Technology

Hiking scientist discovers bizarre new microbes

11-18-2018 | 3

The organisms, which sit on a 'major new branch' of the tree of life, were found in woodland in Nova Scotia.


Oxygen on Mars could support primitive life

10-24-2018 | 3

Enough oxygen could exist within salty subsurface water on Mars to support oxygen-breathing microbes.

Science & Technology

Scientists to set up a microbial 'Noah's Ark'

10-5-2018 | 2

The plan would involve preserving the beneficial bacteria found in the guts of people from all across the world.


Mars could have supported life underground

9-26-2018 | 6

A new study has revealed that ancient Mars had the right conditions to support subterranean microbes.


Methane on Enceladus could be from alien life

3-1-2018 | 1

New laboratory experiments have added support to the idea that microbes could be living on Saturn's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

Astronauts identify mystery space microbes

 VIDEO  1-3-2018 | 9

The DNA of microbes found on the International Space Station has been sequenced in space for the first time.


Scientists find 3.5 billion-year-old fossils

12-19-2017 | 14

Discovered in Western Australia, the fossil microbes are the oldest evidence of life ever identified.


Superbugs existed long before the dinosaurs

5-13-2017 | 2

Far from being a modern phenomenon, antibiotic-resistant microbes have existed for millions of years.

Science & Technology

Scientists find world's deepest life forms

4-11-2017 | 1

Researchers have found evidence of microbes surviving up to six miles beneath the Mariana Trench.

Science & Technology

Scientists revive 10,000-year-old life forms

2-18-2017 | 14

In a remarkable breakthrough, microbes trapped inside cave crystals have been brought back to life.


Microbial life can survive on Mars after all

1-23-2017 | 1

A new study has added weight to the idea that microbes can survive in the harsh conditions on Mars.


Dark streaks on Venus could be alien microbes

1-12-2017 | 28

Scientists are keen to launch a mission to Venus to investigate mysterious dark streaks in its clouds.

Space & Astronomy

Could a dead astronaut spread life to Mars ?

10-30-2016 | 9

If an astronaut dies in space, could their body eventually go on to spread microbes to other planets ?


Prehistoric 'vampire' microbes discovered

11-20-2015 | 3

750 million-year-old fossils have revealed evidence of a deadly microbe with vampiric tendencies.

Space & Astronomy

Microbes can survive in space for years

6-1-2015 | 5

New research has emphasized the remarkable persistence of life even in the cold vacuum of space.


Evidence of fossilized life found on Mars

1-7-2015 | 107

A geobiologist has identified structures on Mars that she believes were created by microbial life.

Science & Technology

Microbes found 2,400m below the seabed

12-16-2014 | 13

The world's deepest ever marine drilling expedition has uncovered signs of life in the 'deep biosphere'.

Science & Technology

Scientists find microbes living in oil

8-9-2014 | 10

The discovery could mean that there is a chance of finding life on other worlds such as Titan.

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