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Space & Astronomy

Artemis I mission ends with record-breaking re-entry for Orion

12-12-2022 | 17

NASA's flagship Artemis I mission has come to a successful close with a dramatic splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.

Space & Astronomy

Humans will be living on the Moon by 2030, says NASA's Orion chief

11-22-2022 | 19

The success of this month's Artemis I mission has placed us on track to see humans living and working on the Moon within 10 years.

Space & Astronomy

Orion will use over 100 3D-printed components

4-18-2018 | 1

Several parts of NASA's deep-space Orion capsule will be created through the use of 3D printing technology.

Space & Astronomy

First 'luxury space hotel' to launch in 2021

4-6-2018 | 27

Space tourism startup Orion Span is offering guests the opportunity to spend 12 days orbiting the planet.

Space & Astronomy

NASA scraps manned Orion-SLS launch plan

 VIDEO  5-15-2017 | 8

The US space agency has decided against placing astronauts aboard its new rocket on its first launch.

Space & Astronomy

Astronauts could fly around the Moon by 2019

2-25-2017 | 9

NASA is considering whether to send a crew on its first integrated Orion, SLS flight around the Moon.

Space & Astronomy

Orion spacecraft test flight is a success

 VIDEO  12-5-2014 | 75

NASA's successor to the space shuttles landed safely earlier today after embarking on its maiden voyage.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Orion spacecraft to launch next month

 VIDEO  11-5-2014 | 75

NASA's successor to the space shuttles will be undertaking its first test flight in December.

Space & Astronomy

New telescope reveals breahtaking nebula

2-14-2010 | 9

The European Southern Observatory’s new VISTA telescope has revealed stunning images of the Orion nebula.

Space & Astronomy

Spaceship passes critical review

9-3-2009 | 38

NASA's new space shuttle replacement, the Orion capsule, has passed a critical review. The new spacecraft is expected to...

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