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World of the Bizarre

Parrot's cries for help prompt police call-out

 VIDEO  1-6-2020 | 6

An ill-behaved pet parrot named Rambo recently prompted a neighbor to call the emergency services.


Giant parrot fossil unearthed in New Zealand

8-7-2019 | 7

Scientists have identified an extinct species of giant parrot that weighed 15lbs and stood up to 3ft in height.

World of the Bizarre

Parrot orders shopping using Amazon Alexa

 VIDEO  12-18-2018 | 15

A parrot named Rocco has been driving his owner up the wall by ordering items using Amazon's voice assistant.

World of the Bizarre

Parrot mimicking fire alarm fools firefighters

 VIDEO  11-18-2018 | 6

A parrot with the uncanny ability to replicate the sound of a fire alarm prompted an emergency call-out recently.

World of the Bizarre

55-year-old parrot offers one last 'cheerio'

9-16-2012 | 21

One of the world's oldest domestic parrots, Tabu, has died after uttering 'cheerio' as his last word.

Nature & Environment

New Zealand 'night parrot' numbers increase

6-23-2012 | 21

A mammoth conservation effort has helped bring one of the rarest birds back from the brink of extinction.

World of the Bizarre

Parrot arrested for aiding drug cartel

9-21-2010 | 28

Lorenzo the parrot has become the latest of over 1700 seized by officials having been trained as drug cartel lookouts.

World of the Bizarre

Skateboarding parrot stolen

3-30-2009 | 9

A 30-year-old skateboarding green Guatemalan parrot called Gordo has been stolen according to reports. The owner who has...

World of the Bizarre

Parrots teach man to speak again

3-3-2009 | 4

A man who suffered serious injuries in an accident and lost the ability to speak has regained the ability thanks to the ...

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