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World of the Bizarre

Woman from Cornwall finds 'face of Jesus' in her pizza box

1-18-2023 | 47

The mother-of-two maintained that the leftover grease stain on the box looked a lot like a sign of divine intervention.

World of the Bizarre

Amateur chef uses volcano to cook his pizza

 VIDEO  7-16-2021 | 3

An entrepreneur from Guatemala has found a rather unique (and dangerous) way to cook pizza.

World of the Bizarre

Man 'tormented' by pizza deliveries for 10 years

6-10-2020 | 22

A man in Belgium has endured a decade of harassment due to hundreds of unsolicited fast food deliveries.

Science & Technology

Pizza Hut develops 'subconscious menu'

 VIDEO  11-30-2014 | 16

The new device is able to determine what you want to order even if you don't know yourself.

Science & Technology

Scientists create pizza that can last years

2-16-2014 | 15

The US military had been requesting a ready-to-eat pizza for soldiers as an alternative to field rations.

World of the Bizarre

Couple brew bizarre pizza-flavoured beer

2-5-2012 | 17

A husband and wife team have given up their normal jobs to produce a type of beer that tastes like pizza.

Space & Astronomy

Domino's plans pizza restaurant on the Moon

9-2-2011 | 35

Domino's pizza has claimed it is planning to build a restaurant on the surface of the Moon.

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